July-Aug 2011


August 28th – Mia on the potty

I promise I’m not trying to potty train her yet.  But Mia sees Luca on the potty, thinks it’s cool and wants to do just like him.  So I’ve been sitting her on the pot a few times now.  Today, she peed and pooed.  I’m not sure she realized what was going on – didn’t clap or anything. But it was a job well done and Luca definitely felt the competitive beat (“Maman, my pipi is good too, no?”)


August 27th  Mia’s first puzzle

Mia put together her first puzzle together today.  Actually 2 of them, both gifts from the Kirpalani.  One with 5 animals, and another one with cars/trains/boats.  She figures roughly where the wooden piece goes, then turns and pushes and twists until it fits in.  Very perseverant.


August 22th The whale says sorry to the fish

–      Maman, what is that?

–      It’s a whale

–      What does a whale eat (of course, all questions about animals right now are about what they eat)?

–      They eat little fish

–      Do they eat Luca?

–      No, they don’t eat humans

–      Do the fish say “aie” if the whale eats them?

–      Probably, they’re likely hurt

–      Humm.  Does the whale say “sorry” ?


August – Vacation

TBD  (Luca suddenly decides to speak English to mamijo for the week)


July 13th

Luca picks up his plastic phone –

Allo papa?  Oui, ca va. T’es dans l’avion?  Ah.  Tu fais quoi?  C’est la tele?  C’est flashmacqueen?  (allo, papa ?  Yes, I’m alright.  You’re in the plane ?  what are you doing ?  It’s a TV ?  It’s flashmcqueen) ?


What is papa going ?


Ah, tu cravailles ?  tu cravailles dans l’avion ?  Luca aussi il cravaille dans l’avion.  Ok.  A cet apres midi. (you’re working?  You’re working in the plane?  Luca too works in the plan?  Ok, see you this afternoon) [“this afternoon, or tonight, or demain seem to have no meaning other than “some other time”.  The notion of time and days and hours has definitely not been integrated at that point]


July 12th  Mia goes in time out – and hates it

Mia threw of spoon on the floor.  No, I said, you cant do that. I pick up the spoon, give it to her and ask that she puts it on the table.  She does, looking at me straight in the eyes

THne she slowly picks up her plate and throws it on the floor, still looking at me straight in the eye.  NO, I say, louder and more serious still.  Mia, you’ve got to be careful and this is the last warning.  One more think and you go in time out (papa would say that’s one too many warning but hey, he’s travelling so my style prevails today)


Now, that doesn’t seem to disturb the little bundle who’s made up her mind.  She picks up her cracker, and brushes it off of the table.


I unbuckle her from her seat, cleans off her dirty hands and carry her over to the living room.  I told her she was going to the corner but she doesn’t quite get it yet.  She looks happy.


But when I put her down, behind the door, hands on the wall, the little girl gets it and bawls, bawls, bawls.  I leave to the kitchen and she follows me shortly. I pick her up again and put her back in the corner.  She’s still screaming like she got put in jail but she’s completely innocent. I swear.  She looks so crunched and so surprised I even doubted I had given her a warning.  I am being completely manipulated by a 1 ½ year old…


July 8th – why say hi when we know them

Luca met with the Kirpilani kids for the first time on Sunday.  We visited them for 4pm snack and played for a while. 2 days later, little Luca sees Raj and Katrina at the park. 

–      So, you saw Raj at the park?

–      Yes

–      And Katrina?

–      No

–      Did you say hi?

–      No

–      Why not?

–      Parce que je les connais deja (because I know them)…


July 5th When the little girl throws a fit, all of Paris knows about it

Luca used to whine, often. It was exhausting.  It still happens now, less frequently, but when he doesn’t it’s a long, endless complain.

On the opposite, Mia screams.  Out and loud.  She goes from silent, happy girl to the scream of a Chimpanzee trying to scare away a jaguar.  It’s literally painful to the ear. Tears are rolling down her red cheeks, her eyes are semi-closed, mouth wide open out loud screaming. It’s physically difficult not to give her what she wants. She sounds so certain that she is so right and got totally shafted. And when she finally gets what she wants, she just stops within the following second and “tatatas” me as if nothing had ever happened…


July 4th Vaccine, no cry

Luca had to go for a vaccine. I have now figured out that Popi and Tchoupi, and little brown bear (respectively a monkey from his monthly magazine and a bizarre shapeless smurf-like bear and a good looking brown bear) have a strong influence on luca’s development.  As he doesn’t have a bigger bro or sis to show him the way, those little characters are telling him what to do.


Tchoupi pees standing up in the park?  So does Luca

Popi is nice and quite in teh train?  So is Luca

Little brown bear puts on his sleepers at home?  So does Luca


So in anticipation of hte doc, we read up “Popi chez le docteur”, 3 evenings in a row.  Doc listens to Popi’s heart with a stethoscope, checks out the ears and throats. Popi doent cry, he’s very strong. Then the doc gives him a vaccine shot and popi doesn’t cry much.  He puts on a bandage and gives a kiss to the doc.

So did Luca.  HE came back with the “diploma of courage” from the doc  (with a vicious note in the contract that says he’s qualified to return for the next shot….)



July 2nd – a ton of new words

Mia’s full words vocabulary has expanded a ton.  She has real words.  In order of appearance: Craker, nana (banana), Teti (tetine), Assi (sit up), taxi (car), pati (grandma, or “I want to go out”), pain (bread), boo (bottle), “biii” (bird or bike, depending on circumstances), main (hand) caaa  (car, cat), feeer (flower), water

Unlike luca, she doesnt say allo or no no all the time.

Also repeats every word: nose, cheeks, eyes, hand, oller (stroller)

And then there are version of “aca”, “caca”, cA, cA, cA” which mean either help, come, look, that?,.  Depends on tone, just like Chinese.  My girl is a genious, clearly.


July 1st Mia’s a hypochondriac

Farida called me up and said – she fell off in the park, she’s limping, should I take her to the doc?  Sure, I responded, call me if it’s bad.

Anand took the little girl to the doc.  By the time her name was up, Mia was perfectly fine. It’s the 3rd time we take her to the doc and the girl’s just totally fine. 

I am starting to wonder if she’s a hypochondriac, she loves the toys in the waiting room, or we are just over-reacting to her limping and other complains.

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