Apr-June 2011


June 28th Sam visits us, Mia walks a mile and Luca speaks English

Cousin Sam is paying us a visit from New Delhi for the weekend, on a business trip with her papa.  Papu, Hémal and Sam came for 4 days.  Luca was very impressed by this little cousin who rarely complained was quite interested in all the toys.  Luca looked like a big brother of 2 sisters and was proud of his role.


We walked up the Champs Elysée. Mia walked a good mile.  It’s become very hard to put her in her stroller.  She grabs the sidebar of the stroller and walks and walks and walks.  We had pizza by the Arc de Triomphe and walked back.  Sam and Luca ended up in their respective strollers while the youngest one kep going.  By the end of the walk, she was tripping all over, exhausted, asking to be picked up every once in a while. But after 2-min rests in my arms she would bend her head down and jiggle her legs till I’d put her back down.  And off she’d go, running again through the streets of paris.  Adorable.


Meanwhile, Luca’s a little puzzled as to why Sam doesn’t understand English

–      Pappu, il parle anglais (does papu speak English)

–      No

–      And Sam?

–      No


Looking at sam

–      Luca: Viens dans la chamber pour jouer  (come to the bedroom to play)

Sam stares at him

–      Mom: Luca, you’ve got to speak English to her

–      Luca: Shoes, he says, as one of the words he knows he can pronounce in English

Sam stares at him some more

–      Mom: No, tell her to come to play with you, in English

–      Luca: Mais je l’ai déjà dit (but I have already said it in French)


June 25h – School visit

Luca talks a lot.  And when he talks about school, I can tell it’s a mixture of awe and excitement.  Excitement about that thing for big boys, that every body talks about.  Awe because the only part he’s seen of it is the 4pm massive exodus from the school buildings, from which he drew his conclusion “A l ecole, il y a beaucoup d enfants hein?”  (at school, there’s lots of kids, right?)


I signed him up for September and the director offered we’d come for the open school day.


On Saturday we showed up.  Luca was a bit reluctant, wanted to go to the park instead.  We walked up the stairs to the main open area – lots of kids, plus their parents, plus some loud music.  Not sure this was the most relaxing way to visit the school.  I thought he’d be terrified.  Mia was herself very comfortable, exploring every corner of the playground.  And luca concluded to Farida on Monday “at l’ecole, on fait joujou”  (at school, we play”.  Now, that’s exactly how I hope he remembers it when he comes back with homework. 


June 22nd.  Mia, say AWA

The little girl now refuses to give aways.  They’ve been increasingly rare and papa has become increasingly frustrated.  On good days, she gives him 3 max.  Not enough for the big man.  In the last few days, Papa hasn’t gotten anything

–      Mia, can I have a kiss please?

–      Blank

–      Mia, can I have a kiss please?

–      Blank

–      Mia, papa’s going to give you a kiss [smack].  Now, can I have a kiss?

–      Blank


Luca looks at mia and says “Mia, dit AWA”.  And so the little girl does just what her brother said – came close to papa and said AWWWWAAAA.


June 20th the coach arrives – what about the TV?

We went to the US for just 4 days. Long enough for Luca to get the jist of it – TV, BBQ, big houses, big cars.  He was fascinated by Anurag’s surround sound system.

Today, our coach was delivered home.  Nice coach. Luca walks in the room and sits on the sofa:

–      Je peux m’asseoir?(I can sit?)

–      Yes, if you have your diaper on

–      Et papa [laying on the sofa], il a une couche?

–      No, but papa never pees in his pants.  Soon, you’ll be able to go on the sofa on your own too


He pulls himself up on the sofa, sits comfortably, extend his elbows up.  And stares at me

–      La tele elle est ou? (Where is the TV?)

–      We don’t have a TV

–      Elle est ou? (where is it?)

–      I told you, we don’t have a TV

–      Papa il va acheter une?



From: Anand Krishnan [mailto:akrishnan@live.com]
Sent: Friday, June 24, 2011 11:13 AM
To: Krishnan, Sophie
Subject: RE: Elia


Elia is a girl

Or our kid is gay

Hope Salima is okay with this.


Glad you’re having fun. Enjoy. You can catch up on sleep when you’re back


From: Krishnan, Sophie [mailto:sophie.krishnan@bain.com]
Sent: Friday, June 24, 2011 3:23 AM
To: akrishnan@live.com
Subject: Re: Elia


Laughing out loud. What a grat email. I think elia is elias, selima’s son. Luca had a good time at his bday party and says he wants to see him again.
It’s 330am. Just finifshed dancing. Right on the beach. Swam at 7pm and 330am again. Heaven.
Will be a bit tough tomorrow but I had a great time.


De : Anand Krishnan [mailto:akrishnan@live.com]
Envoyé : Thursday, June 23, 2011 11:58 PM
À : Krishnan, Sophie
Objet : Elia

Your son has a girlfriend. Only trouble is she’s imaginary. Her name is Elia. She is his ‘copine’ and she lives ‘in Payyyisss’. And he walks around the house with the cell phone talking to her all evening. Conversations sound very busy .. head nodding… where are you .. .here’s where I am … why don’t we go over there …. I will send you a message .. ok ? ok … let’s talk later.. then he hangs up.


“Does she speak English” I ask. He called her up to check. (No was the answer)

“Is she going on vacation”. He called her up to ask

“What is she eating for dinner?” He called her to ask. Then he told her there were crocodiles in our kitchen.

Clearly he has unlimited minutes on his cell plan.


I fed them both pizza today. Luca got chocolate milk for dessert. Much fun was had by all. They were both adorable and having Seb around makes it fun and easy. He’s a really cool guy




June 4th  AWA

Mia has perfected her version of the kiss.  She opens up her mouth says “AWWWW” and as she touches her “oponent’s” cheeks finishes into a “wwwwaaa”.  So it’s Mia’s AWA.

Anand’s a big fan of those.  Mia, can I have a kiss please?  “AWWWAAAAA” she’d say, gently posing her lips on papa’s cheeks.


May 26th  Mia walks up and down the plane while Luca watches 4 hours of movies…

We’re heading to the US for a week on vacation. Luca is very excited.  This time, Luca really noticed he got in a plane.  The tunnel that linked the airport to our plane was made of some transparent plastic and he was super excited.  “luca’s plane?  This is luca’s plane?  Luca va dans l’avion? “ (Luca goes in the plane?)


He spent a few hours watching his personal TV while Mia was walking up and down the plane’s aisle, either with parent support or just on her own, like a drunken woman trying to make her way to the bathroom.  She’d stopped by certain people’s laps and put her hands on their knees as if saying “look, I selected you amongst all these people in the plane.  So now play with me will you?”. 


May 23th  Mia walks from Padi to Mamijo to Maman and all over again

The little girl is unbelievable.  She has decided to walk and she is training hard.  She stands up, waits till she’s found her balance and starts walking from one person to the other.  She’s


May 17th  Luca’s diaper training


So, Mia made 10 steps on her own.  The normal trip:  she sits down, puts her 2 feet on the ground far apart, leans forward, lifts the but, raises the torso slowly and if it worked (70% of the time), she proceeds to making a few steps.


And off she went.  It was no easy thing – on a slippery wood floor, with pajamas that wrap her feet in fabric.  But that did not deter the little tyke and she looked at me with pride.  Ahah, she was so happy. 1, 2, 3, 4 steps.  She slowed down, and resumed through 10 steps on her own.


We did a full tour of the apartment, with me barely holding the back of the tshirt.  A couple times she leaned on the wall with her hand, as an old grandma who’s resting on her way back from the groceries.  Enco, enco, enco, she said (again, again!). 


My little baby is growing fast!


Meanwhile, Luca’s been potty training.  The first week, I let it all to the nanny who was very excited about her experiments.  less than 2 weeks.  Then I tried over a weekend and it was a disaster – he wouldn’t let me know when he needed to pee and I was out of pants for him in just a day.  Back to the nanny, it worked.  The only thing he wouldn’t do was to pee outside at the park – he’d hold it or pee in his pants. Following weekend I tried again, and he wouldn’t let me put him on the potty. “with Farida” he’d say, or “no potty”  I was upset a few times because I couldn’t understand why he was putting up such resistance and because I was done washing pants and showering him.  Then picked him up and took him to the salon, sat him on my lap and gave him a big hug.


–          Luca, why don’t you want to do pipi on the pot when maman is around?

–          Luca no pipi on the pot

–          Why not? You could do like Tchoupi (a character in a book he loves)

–          Parce que luca veut etre bebe (b/c luca wants to be a baby)

–          Oh, you want to be a baby?  Why do you want to be a baby?

–          Luca il est bebe pour les calins (luca is a baby for hugs)



So that was it.  The little guy would not go on the potty because he didn’t want to grow up (how many times did I say “you want to go on the potty like a big boy?”).   And he didn’t want to grow up because he wanted to have some hugs.  He’s a hug lover.  In the evening, I lean over his crib and I give him a kiss, then a long hug, a kiss, and a long hug. Lasts 5 min and the little boy asks for more.  The girl too actually – she’s figured you could ask for hugs and complains if she thinks she’s not getting her fair share.  So cute J


Luca, you can have as many calins as you want, even if you grow up.  Maman will always give you calins, even if you grow into a big boy

Luca il est grand à l’école?

Yes, Luca is big now and he will soon go to school.  And he can still get big warm hugs and squeeze from maman

Luca il va à l’école ?  Il a des calins?


I was floored.  I was getting the full picture of all the dots he had connected in his head – luca needs to go on the potty;  when you go on the potty you’re a big boy;  when you’re a big boy you can go to school – but maybe no hugs

And I was even more surprised that he had been able to express this himself.  I do hugely underestimate how much kids understand, how much they think through things.  It made me remember a video of Anne Franck’s father after the war, after he had found out that her little 8 year old girl had died in extermination camp after 3 years of total confinement in a house. He found her diary.  He read it through.  He had lived right next to her for 3 years, in the same house, never leaving the same floor.  And he had no idea about how much she understood and how mature she was.  He wrote later about what he discovered in her diary “I had no idea of the depths of her thoughts and feelings.”

Since we’ve had this discussion, and after numerous hugs, luca’s been heading to the bathroom like a champion. Not one accident.  He even wants to pee “standing up like a big boy”  –the first time he decided to do so he peed all over the bathroom, but now we’ve figured out a system with a small stool/step for him and he’s so proud. He peed out in the park today, but pointed to another nanny and said

–          “Tu regardes pas.  C’est que Farida qui peut regarder” (don’t look, it’s only my nanny farida who can look at me – while I pee) .  

So prude J


April 29th :  Mia’s new word :  « Teti »

Time for bed. While I’m putting Luca in his pijamas, the little smurfette comes close to her bed, and tries to pull out her tetine (pacifier).  It’s too far in. 

Teti, teti, she asks.


April 28th;  Mia’s vocabulary

In order or appearance, here’s the words we do understand, or think we do understand

–      Papa, Maman, Aca (Luca), Baba (Mia)

–      Cracker, Pain (bread), Nana (banana or any other fruit really)

–      Crater (tractor)

–      AcaAcaAca (look up here)

–      Taxi (any car, word inspired from Gaurav’s gift of ouioui and his taxi)


–      Mia, do you want some bread ?

–      Pas pain.  Cracker.

I swear, I’m floored…


Now, the girl understand everything

“Mia, stop playing around while I’m changing you, and just  brush your hair instead”.  She stopped moving, reached out to the hair brush, and brushed her hair.  I was just floored.


April 27th  Email to Anand who’s traveling “Your daughter is getting so colerique and cute.”

I put both of them to bed at 8:20pm.  Luca was asking to go to bed because he was tired. We had played, red a story, changed both sets of diapers.  All was well.   I kissed them goodnight and left the room.


Luca said “encore un calin”.  I responded “I have already given you a kiss”.  He said “un dernier”, so I gave them each a goodnight kiss, he said “et voila, c’est bon”.  So cute.


The little girl started to cry, and cry louder. After 5 min I went back in to see.  Nothing seemed wrong.  I picked her up, she cried looking into her bed and leaning towards it.  I put her back, she cried some more.  I left for 5 min and she was still crying loudly.  I came back.  Luca was very patient, waiting for his little sis to calm down.  She wouldn’t stop.  I turned up the music and she cried louder.  I picked her up again, she leaned toward the bed but would cry even more when I put her in.  I was very confused.  I took her in my arms, told her a story, put her in Luca’s bed.  She stopped crying, thought it was quite cool. She  did “oh gallop oh gallop” sitting on luca’s belly.  Pulled his dodo.  Talked some crazy story I didn’t understand. I picked her up again after a few minutes, and she leaned toward her bed but screamed when I put her in.  She pulled my hands towards her.


I got an idea:  give her a kiss and a long calin in her bed.  She stopped immediately.  I started to take my head away from her and she cried again. Put my head back on her cheek for a long calin and she calmed down. 


I might be completely crazy but I believe she was just trying to negotiate the same long calin and kisses her brother always gets at night because he asks for several ones. So so cute.  Now, is that a business case or a whim?


April 20th

For Easter, about a month ago, the bells dropped a bunch of eggs and various chocolate shapes in the garden.  To avoid a stomachache, I put some of them in the fridge and have been distributing them bit by bit, mostly as bait for good behavior.

One of the gifts from the bell was a Lindt, dark chocolate rabbit.  And my kids prefer dark chocolate over the sweet crap you can find. Surprisingly, luca and mia ate all the shapes but not the rabbit, which had been staying in the fridge, alone.

–      Luca, do you want some chocolate after your yogurt?

–      Oui (yes)

–      OK, I can give you some part of the rabbit

–      No, no chocolate

–      Why?

(blank.  I give him the rabbit, which he starts looking at and slowly licking

–      Why don’t you bite off his ears and eat them?

–      Il va dire aie le lapin (is he going to be hurt?)

–      No, it’s a chocolate rabbit, it doesn’t hurt him

–      Elle est ou sa maman ? (where is his mummy ?)

The little guy gave up under pressure and slowly licked the rabbit’s ears, stroking him and giving him what looks like hugs over time.  Heartbreaking.


April 19th Papa et maman dans le canapé

Anand and I were both working from home.  Farida lets Luca come to the office to kiss us goodbye before going to the park.  He leaves the room and we hear her say “papa et maman ils sont dans le canapé” (mum and dad are on the sofa).  Makes me wonder what the nanny thinks of our “work”…



April 10th with mamita in the park

We visited Mamita in the park next to her place today. Mia with her arm folded against her chest. Luca pushed Mia on the swing. They raced down the slides (mia on Arnaud’s lap).  Nicolas and Sara played with us too.  Mia tried my sun glasses on and we had a little photo shoot, like a model for Gucci.  She qualified.

On the way back up, Luca decided to race Mamita up the hill…. and he made it clear that he won… What can I say?


April 9th Mia breaks a wrist

In the metro, papa was holding her by the hand and on a harder stop hold her tight…  wrist was displaced.  After 2 days of letting her be, I took her to the dock in the evening. By the time I got there mia had crawled back on her hand, cried and put her wrist back on her own.


April 8th  Mia says ‘racker’ for cracker

No comment.


April 7th – the sardine is sleeping J

There’s this song book Luca likes to read.  One of them is about a cat watching a sardine in a can, lurking over it till he can probably swallow the fish.

Elle dort la sardine? Asks luca.   C’est sa maison?  (is the sardine sleeping?  Is it her house?)


April 6th Mia points to ears, nose, ears

Finger in my ears, in her ears, points to the nose, the eyes.  Points IN my eyes, and in her eyes and sometimes even barely has time to close her own eyes before poking it.  Reminded me to clip off her nails.

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