Nov 14th – Nov 20th

Nov 20th Who will they be?

I wonder to what extent a child’s personality can be known from a very early age.  So I’m going to run my own experiment.  Every 2 years or so, I’ll write down my perception of their personality and we’ll see in 25 years if the early ages turned out to be good predictors of the future.  Now, this is most likely all going to be wrong because I don’t have enough benchmarks of children to judge how Luca and Mia fare vs. other children, but it will be good enough



  • Very nice person, doesn’t like to be hit and to hit back – when his sister cries he runs to his bedroom to pick up his dodo and give it to her for a hug
  • High energy, extrovert, enjoys being around people – he gets very excited when we play with him and doesn’t really play on his own; and while most bilingual children are supposed to talk later in life, Luca has been a live radio for a few months
  • Not very high level of confidence in himself, needs positive feedback – when there is something new or when I ask him a question, he often hesitates as if he feared being wrong
  • Cautious person, not a wild explorer – he does things carefully, he’s afraid of the dark when we play hide and seek,
  • Organised with his material possessions – he cleans up after himself, picks every bit of play-doh on the table,
  • Physically gifted at throwing balls and wrestling, quite quick, not very flexible or precise in moving his body – he is very precise at throwing and carries his arm way back, but it takes him while to copy subtil hand movements (like saying “go horns”)
  • High resistance to pain



  • She’s a talker too, extrovert – she ta ta tas me and expects a response. 
  • Very independent, she runs her own business – she can play on her own for a while, even for 1h while we play tennis
  • Lower resistance to pain than Luca.  When she falls on the carpet, she cries her head out
  • A bit provocative  – since she started crawling, she’s been going for just one thing, the plug, and checks my reaction with a look of defiance
  • High level of confidence in herself
  • Very comfortable with her body and good control of her body parts – she can crawl, snap her fingers and physically mimic those around her


Nov 18th Attention Maman

I’m not sure how many spoons, toys or random objects have been dropped on the floor in the kitchen in the past 2 years.  I know I have leaned down a whole lot to pick them up, and I still pick up more objects on the ground in a week than I had in my entire life, I mean the real life, before kids.


Another spoon fell to the floor, I leaned to pick it up and bumped my head on the table on the way back up. 

-Aouuchh, I said, putting my hand on my head

– Maman AAATention said Luca in French

I laughed.

-Attention to what?  I asked

-Attention head, he responded

I couldn’t stop laughing.  He laughed.  Mia laughed.


After a short story, I put a tired Mia down to bed.  Luca got another, longer story, just for him.  When I put him to bed, Mia was sitting up in bed, playing with her stuffed animals.  She smiled when I entered.  What are you doing up here, sitting in your bed little girl?  I asked

Ta ta, she answered.  At least that’s a very clear message…


I came back a few minutes later and she freaked me out.  She was sitting, her head on her own knees.  She had actually fallen asleep sitting up….


Nov 17th Luca gets his first Babar magazine

The bookworm is growing up.  Bye bye Popy, here comes Babar, a magazine for 2-6 year olds structured around the story of an elephant.  “Ephant” he says, when he doesn’t pay much attention. “Two ephants”.  We opened it up, and we worked through the stories and the drawing he has to do.  After 10 min, I decided Babar is a little too advanced for him still.  Another 9 months before it works.  We’ll revert back to Popy for now , it’s not fun when he doesn’t understand what he needs to do and looks all confused.


There’s another book we read, with animals.  On the first page, an elephant taps his foot.  Next page 2 girafs play a tambourine, next 3 crocodiles play the guitar, next 4 flamengoes play the flute, next 5 monkeys play the drums and finaly everybody is on the same page playing all together. At each page, luca can show me all the animals and we count them. He’s not there yet, or rather I think he can count but he doesn’t take a chance.  On the final page, he can point at all the monkeys, or all the flamengoes. 


Nov 16th Mia and I engage in real dialogs

I can have a real dialog with Mia.

– ta ta ta

– ta ta ta she responds

– ta

– ta, she says.  I laugh, she laughs back

– I pretend to cough, she does the same

– ta ta, I say

– ta ta she mimics

-rrrraaaaaa, I roar

– rrrrrraaaaaaa, she roars back

I melt, she doesn’t.


Nov 15th – the Kids want their independence

Mia has been crawling for 2 days.  Now she wants to drink her bottle on her own (she has to take a break, the 240ml seems quite heavy for those tiny biceps).  And Luca keeps repeating “Non, je veux pas” (I don’t want to), testing how far his own will can take him.  What’s next?  Their own studio in paris?


Nov 14th Luca scolds his sister “No Mia, bêtise”

Run for the plug!  Seems to be Mia’s moto.  The little one is obsessed with the plug in the living room.  I scold her, and one of 2 things can happen.  Either she looks at me straight in the eye and touches the plug again, or she totally ignores me and continues her business


Luca doesn’t get much respect either, even though he is trying his best to impose his authority “no mia, bêtise!” (no Mia, it’s a bad thing to do).  I tell him it is not his to say, that Maman tells mia about her bêtise, not him.  He looks at him, very suspicious….

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