Sept 3 – Oct 31st


Oct 31st Mia is stuck under the table

The girl can get on her 4s (but not crawl yet) and she has figured out a few moves which get her about a foot away, but it seems unclear what direction she’ll go every time. She stands on her hands, reaches out moves her feet and legs, and sits again, somehow having moved a foot in the process.  It often takes her backwards and she gets stuck under the coffee table.  She’s super patient and tries very hard to get out.  Till I hear “heeee, heee” (come’on, pick me up, I’m stuck here!!!)


Oct 30th First time at the pool

We headed to the pool for a family swim.  Got swimming hats (compulsory even for Mia!!), swimming diapers for the kids and got every body in the water.  They had a wonderful time.  We had water to our waist and held a kid each.  Luca moved around and mia would really kick her legs.  They both had a blast and wouldn’t come out even though their shivering little mouths turned purple with cold


Oct 20th Luca prepares his own petit suisse

The kid just wants to do it all on his own.  When (and if) he ate his main dinner course, he wants one thing:  a petit Suisse.  A petit Suisse is a thick creamy yogurt that only comes in small sizes, packed up in a yogurt-like container and wrapped in a thin paper (to keep it moist I suppose, but definitely not convenient for kids).


Luca starts by pulling up the cap.  Then he flips the petit Suisse upside down and squeezes it gently until the petit Suisse falls in the ball. He’s just understood the meaning of gently.  Up until now, he would press on the container the harder he could, which would eject a quarter of the petit Suisse in the bowl but get the rest of it stuck for ever, tangled up in the thin and now destroyed paper.


The next step is where he needs a bit of help.  The petit Suisse is wrapped in a thin paper. Left to his own, Luca grabs the paper and wrestles with the petit Suisse till some of the paste comes out.  The best outcome is when I get to pre-empt the scheme, finds the extremety of the paper and give it to Luca to un-roll the rest of the petit Suisse.  Then my very well educated kiddo takes all the garbage (lid, container and paper) and puts them altogether ready for the garbage.


Oct 15th Mia Tatatasss

-TA, says mia, sticking her tongue between her lips.  The little girl has no tooth still, but she talks. 

– TA, I respond.  She smiles

– Ta Ta, she says

– Ta ta, I respond

She bursts out laughing


Oct 4th  Luca will be a doctor

      Papa dodo, says Luca

      No, papa is sick, that’s why he is on the sofa half asleep

Luca puts his hand on papa’s head

      Papa no sick


Oct 3rd  Bear hunting

Mia got a cool book from Olivier & Fernanda this weekend.  We’ve read it about 10 times already.  A family goes on a bear hunt through the tall grass, through the river, through the forest, through the mud, etc.   Here’s an excerpt from our conversation at the playground, which is surrounded by a few bushes

      Luca, where are you going ?  (asking Luca who’s starting to walk cautiously through the bushes)

      Forest, baby forest

      Oh, you’re going through the forest!  Why are you going through the forest?

      Bear, grrrrrr

You’re going through the forest to find a bear!  Cool, let me know if you see one

Luca makes his way through the bushes.   Now these are Parisian bushes.  They are in bad shape, and as soon as September they’ve lost most of their leaves.   So when Luca is behind 1 bush, there are just 2 small branches between he and I.  He puts his eye behind one branch and says

      Luca cache

      Oh, where is Luca?

      He laughs

      Where is Luca?

      No Luca

      Oh oh, I’ve lost Luca.  I don’t know where he is

More laughing, 2 yards away from me if even that

He walks his way through the “forest” (10 steps at most) and comes out screaming


      Hey, did you find a bear?

      No bear

      And he returns into the deep, dark forest to look for the scary bear.


Oct 2nd  The good old games  Mia Brrrrrss her yogurt

It’s Mia’s turn.  I feed her a spoon of puree and she “brrrrr”es it out. She looks at me straight in the eye and brrrr again.  We’ve both got food all over ourselves. It’s hard not to laugh the first time but I scolded her (gently) – first so she’d stop making me smell of fish, second so luca would not be too confused and do the same


Sept 25th  Weekend with the Tamaillon

We spent the weekend in Grancey with the Tamaillon – Celine & Mathieu and their 3 girls.  The kids played together a lot more than I had anticipated and we got a lot of quality time [in today’s referential]. They spent a good hour both Saturday and Sunday morning sculpting with play-doh.  Sharing 6 colours of play-doh between 4 children was as hard as designing an agreement for Camp David.  We struggled to find a mutli-country, geopolitically complicated solution.  But the enforcement was a lot easier.  After a few provocations from few terrorists scouting out play-doh from other parties, we set up an all-powerful NATO (parents threatening to take away the play-doh all together) that could rule over all parties.


We headed to play tennis. The kids ran around looking for tennis balls, while Mia was nicely waiting by the sideline, playing in her tent.


Sept 24th  Mia the lion

Mia had stopped doing her “RRRHHHAAAAA” for a while.  But it came back this weekend.  She stares at me and goes ‘rrrrhhhhaaaaaa’ with a face that half wants to scare me, half wants to laugh.  I ‘rrrrhhhaaa’ back at her, and we go on like that for a few minutes till my throat hurts too much and I’ve got to give up.


She also likes giving me a forehead hug.  We touch each others’ forehead and we rub it sideways.  After the first one, we return to our respective sitting positions’, and she leans forward again to rub foreheads one more time.


Sept 23rd  Luca breastfeeds his chicken

In his magazine (popi), luca saw a little woolf that’s eating his mummy’s milk.  I didn’t explain anything but he immediately connected it back to my boobs.

      Maman milk

      Maman doesn’t have milk anymore.  She had milk when Luca was born, and Luca ate maman’s milk.  Then Luca wanted some other food and the milk stopped.  Then Mia was born and maman had more milk.  And then it stopped again.  So maman doesn’t have milk anymore, because Luca and Mia are not babies anymore.  

      Papa milk?

      No, papa doesn’t have milk

      Luca milk?

      No, boys dont have Milk

He proceeded to pulling my tshirt down to check if I really didn’t have milk anymore

      Maman milk? 

      No luca, maman just explained to you, there’s no milk here

So he grabbed his stuffed chicken, put the beak on Luca’s chest, and decided to breastfeed the chicken (through the tshirt)


Sept 20th  First conversation with Luca

During dinner, I asked the little guy, as I always ask:

      So, what did you do today, did you have a good time?

      I don’t expect anything back.  He either shuts up, or more likely says a word of something he wants right then (like “cheese”), or he waits until I go “did you play with lego bricks?”  and then he’ll repeat my word “lego”.   But tonight, the little boy has grown up

      Park, he said

      Oh, you went to the park?  I asked, surprised.  What did you do at the park?

      Copain (friends)

      You played with your friends, very nice.  And what are your friends’ names?


I’m not sure who Raphael is, as I never take him to the park during the week.  Farida confirmed the day after that Raphael is another little boy who plays with Luca often at the park.  I was floored, very pleased to have my first conversation with my kid.


Sept 15th  Luca tries to play nice with papa after he got punished           

Papa was in charge tonight. Luca did not eat his food, so papa was upset and warned the little boy that if he didn’t eat, then papa would not play with him afterwards.   After luca still decided that he wouldn’t eat, everybody left the kitchen.  Papa put Mia on the floor to play with her, and told Luca he had to play on his own. That was a hard position for Luca to negotiate out of, but the little guy tried every trick

      Play papa?

      No, you didn’t eat your food



Then the little guy headed out to the bedroom and brought all sorts of toys for Mia.  He’s climb up her bed (just on the frame), reach out for her stuffed animals and dolls, and bring them back one by one to the girl, hoping papa was melt and play.


Sept 13th  The Krishnan Family

      Luca Krishnan, says Luca with pride

      Oh, wahoo, you can say your full name.

      And what is papa’s name?

      Papa krishnan

      And maman?

      Maman Krishnan

      And mia?

      Mia Krishnan

      And Mamijo?

      Mamijo Krishnan

      No, mamijo’s name is Aleton

      Mamijo Aleton

      And Padi?

      Padi Aleton

      And farida?

      Farida Benlalam


Sept 10th   Mia can clap

We sang the marionette song.  Mia was starring at her hands, opening them up and sticking the fingers out one by one, then rotating her left hand to do the marionette like me.  At the end, I clapped and said “bravo, bravo Mia”.  She looked at me, she smiled and clapped her hands slowly (she did miss a few J).

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