Nov 1 – Nov 13

Nov 13th A very American day

It had been raining since morning.  So when the kids woke up from their nap, we put them in the car and drove to a mall. La Défense, here we go.  This is a large mall, and on a rainy Saturday afternoon, it was packed.  We had planned to buy a few Xmas presents, shoes for Sophie and shirts for Anand.  We got none of these, too many people and too hard to watch the 2 kids in a store.  But we had a great time.


We ran across a Virgin megastore with a demo of the Xbox Kinect.  The sales rep had set up a boxing game and didn’t have much trouble convincing Anand to try it. I stood on the side and watched my husband throw a punch to a virtual guy, followed by a jab and a hook that sent his opponent a few feet back.  And my son was standing by his papa, making small boxing gestures.  He got closer and close to his papa, and his fist got tighter and tighter and he was boxing the virtual guy on TV.  It was cute to see Luca mimic his father, a mini-Anand boxing the virtual guy on TV.  It was also out of place to see this 2-year old absorbed in a video game and happy to knock out a guy.


The top floor of the mall had a large Toys R US and a grand piano.  A pianist showed up and started to play.  Luca danced, Mia clapped.   It was late and we decided to go for it – sat down at a pizza place.  Luca ordered his ham & mushroom pizza and made it clear to the waitress and to the whole restaurant that he was very hungry, calling out loud “piiiizzzzaaa” several times. To make it a healthy meal and help the little guy wait a bit longer, we fed him … bread.  He wouldn’t stop eating and we didn’t hear him for 15 min, a rare, rare silence. To top it off, we ended up at Haggen Dasz for a triple-chocolate+Chantilly+chocolate-topping ice-cream.  Mia didn’t like it. Luca commented the ice-cream was cold, but it didn’t seem to prevent him from licking every bit of ice-cream on the cone.


Nov 12th Mia can crawl

The little girl grew up today.  She’s been on her 4s for a while, getting on her knees and hands to reach out to things she needed, but had never really decided to explore further.  This morning, she just went for it.  I should say, she went for … the plug.  The plug was 5-6 “crawling steps” away and she managed it just fine.  We were getting ready to go out and when I turned around, she was crawling towards the plug. I clapped, she clapped too. I “scolded” her to warn her not to touch the plugs.  I put her back a few mumy-size steps away from the plug, and she went back again.  Unfortunately, one of the arms gave in and Mia did a face-plant on the carpet.  She cried, partly because it hurt, and partly because she was so frustrated the new system wouldn’t work at 100% yet.  She calmed down and the next attempt was directed at the other cool thing – her big brother’s toy….  The next few days are going to be quite entertaining at home.


Nov 11th Luca’s first remotely guided toy

Papa came back from a trip to Dubai with…. a remote-control car. We turned it on, papa played with it (the gift is mostly from papa to papa, but we’ll pretend we didn’t know). Luca was super exited.  He ran around the car and at every move screamed with join ‘whaooo, whaooo, whaooo’.  That lasted a good 20 min, until he decided that he should try to do it himself.  So off he went, refusing any help to figure it out “tout seul, tout seul” (on my own, on my own). 


Nov 4th Luca calms her sister with his dodo

Mia is trying to crawl but it’s not working yet.  She reaches out for her big brother’s toy


Nov 3rd Luca’s longest word : Hippopotamus

2 new words for Luca:  “Happy Dewali” and “hypopotamus”, which has become “hitototam” for simplicity.  He’s at that age where he repeats everything I say and it is hilarious.  


Nov 2nd Luca doesn’t cry to go to bed – after a story with Antoine Ego

Luca’s been crying to go to bed for hte last 3 weeks and I needed to break the cycle.  In the last few days, we’ve changed the strategy.  We read a short story together and then I put Mia to be 15 min before Luca.  She’s always happy to hit the hay and doesn’t complain a bit.  Luca gets a special time with mum, just 15 min, with an extra story, and books he chooses.  Ratatouille is a big hit, and he is in love with the sad-looking food critique Antoine Ego.  I love the way he says it, with a lot of class and admiration.   He also calls out the cooks who want to kick Remi the rat out of the kitchen “no toucher, no toucher” (don’t touch), as if defending his little friend.

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