Mid-August through end-August

August 25th  Mia eats her first yogurt

And she loves it as much as Luca did (and still does)!! But the acidity makes her squinch her face, as if she was overwhelmed yet delighted by the taste. So cute.   We’ve got to film this, it wont last forever (or so we hope).


She’s very enthusiastic about solid food, moves her head forward almost till it hits the container and tries to grab the spoon herself.  That leaves me with 2 choices: 

1-     control the wild arms, but then she gets upset and makes the sad and angry face of a prisoner

2-     give her a "compensation spoon", which immediately start a spoon battle between hers and mine as they both race to the mouth.  If she gets there first, I’m doomed

In all cases, she ends up with food all over her face and bib.


August 24th  Luca goes to bed with an empty stomach again

I’m not sure why, but Luca is reluctant to eat his diner these days. “No eat, no eat” he says.  If I sit him down, he eats 2 spoons, stops, and cries till he gets punished and sent to his bedroom to calm down.  We’ve got to figure out something before a neighbor accuses us of domestic abuse…


August 23rd   Back home after 3 weeks in Grancey

We came back home last night and the kids have explored the house as if they hadn’t been there for years.  Luca picked his toys one by one and tried them out.  He picked up his favourite ones first, so he clearly remembered them.  He pointed at them and gave their name “Luca car”, “Luca car” again, “Luca book”, “Luca train”, “Popi”.  He even pointed to Mia’s toys and said “Mia hochet”.   But it was a discovery all over again.


We tried to make him sleep in our bed for the nap so that Mia would sleep in longer, but he insisted that he wanted to sleep in “Luca bed”.  So he did.


August 22nd  Mia the Popeye girl

Milk over Spinach?  Spinach any time, says Mia.  She’d even eat spinach over breakfast if her tiny arms could reach the baby food on the table (she tries very hard). Mia is loving her solid food, and she is sending very clear signals that spinach, leek or artichokes are widely preferred over formula. She likes it so much that within 3 days of eating solid food, she was trying to grab the spoon herself and even made me forget that she had just eaten an entire jar (4x the recommended amount….)


August 21st

There’s a raging debate over whether Luca is sad and why. It’s 15 of us in Grancey, we’re doing a lot of restoration work in the house. Padi argued that Luca is sad these days, but we don’t know why.  We thought he was just fussy and a little bit aggressive, throwing things and hitting people.  


Giving Luca the benefit of the doubt, we decided to spend a more time with him over the following 2 days, so that in the tornado created by the family ins and outs, he’d have one of his parents as an anchor. 


Padi turned out to be right. It took less than a day for luca to get a lot more comfortable, calm down and stop hitting people. He started to eat better and smile a lot more. The poor little guy had just been lost in the family swirl and felt "abandoned" by his parents.


August 20th   Baby bobo
Luca comes to Nico and points at a little scar on his knee

         “Bobo Nico”

         “Yes, I scratched a moskito bite and it created a bobo”, Confirms Nico

         “Bobo Nico” repeats Luca.  Then pointing to his own knee with a small, 15-day old scratch  “bobo Luca”

         Ah, you’ve got a bobo too.

Luca looks at Nico’s scratch again.  “baby bobo” he says, pointing at it.  “Luca gros bobo”

We laughed and started an exploration of everybody’s bobo.

         Luca, does padi have a bobo?

         Bobo padi, he says, pointing at his grandpa’s leg with scratches all over. 

         Are they big or are they small?

         “Baby bobo.  Luca gros bobo”.  

         Can you fix them?

         Fix, he says, putting his hand on padi’s scratches

         Luca, can you heal papa’s bobo?  Papa’s ankle hurts.

The little guy looks at his papa’s leg.  After a fairly thorough inspection, he looks at his papa and says

         No bobo papa

         Papa has a bobo, but it’s a soar muscle so you don’t see it

         No bobo papa

We laughed.

         Can you fix MamiJo’s bobo?

The little guy checked out his grandma’s arm and issued his diagnosis

         Baby bobo.  Luca gros bobo 


August 19th  Luca heads to bed with an empty stomach

The little guy is taking an intense negotiation class. He is constantly negotiating for time and special requests, and he is getting quite good at it. As the time to go to bed comes closer, he becomes increasingly silent and moves away to play on his own un-noticed. Once we come to him and ask him to go to bed, he finds a million things to do:  “no bed, play. Pleaaaase”.  “Water”.  “Bobo”.  Any excuse it good to through at the executioner to postpone the sentence….


Tonight, Luca refused to eat his dinner.  “No manger, no eat” he says, in both languages to make sure we understood the point. He got 1, 2 and 3 warnings.  But he anchored too high and set his walk-away point beyond where we intended to settle for.  So he lost his bid and was sent upstairs for the night on an empty stomach. 


August 18th Papapluie

         Luca, qu’est ce que c’est ca ?  demande maman, trempée, montrant un parapluie



August 15th  Mia the lion cub

We’re not sure where she picked that up, maybe at the wedding.  The little girl has a sort of roar that resembles that of a lion cub. ‘RAAAAA’.  There are 2 ‘raaaa’ in her repertoire.  The most used ‘raaaa’ is a roar that wants to attract attention, an invitation to play.  The other ‘raaa’ is very similar, but a bit more guttural, louder and it comes with an angry face. That one means ‘I’m upset’.  Either I’m hungry, or I’m tired, or I’m really bored.


It took us a bit of time to distinguish between the 2 roars, and she seems to have perfected the distinction herself too.  We laugh every time she says it.

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