And then there were four…

It’s been just over two weeks now since Mia Payal Krishnan entered the world. An expected, and yet unexpected arrival, early on a Wednesday morning after a relatively easy session in labor for Sophie (her words, not mine).

We were tucked into bed at around 11pm Tuesday night when Sophie turned to me and said – “I think I might be having a contraction”. And sure enough, she was. Almost exactly, every 10 minutes. Grandma Joelle was raised on the phone and asked to come over so someone could look after Luca, while we packed a bag and pulled on our coats. We were at the hospital – a 15 min walk but we still took the car – before midnight and then from then on it was a routine delivery. Mia came out with a bit less of a struggle & with a tiny bit more weight on her than did her brother, clocking in at 48cms and 3 kg – the sight of her tiny frame and spindly limbs reminding us all over again how small newborns are. Measured, cleaned up and after a little warming session in the baby-bubble, she was deposited back on Mommy where it took her all of 2 seconds and no instruction to figure out how to latch on to a breast and feed – nice going little girl.

Big Brother Luca, escorted by Grandma, came to visit the following day. An 18mth-old meeting a 2-day-old is an almost Discovery-channel-like experience – he circled around her warily, very curious but still circumspect. He wanted to touch her but seemed unsure if he should touch a squirming object . Her intermittent wailing really puzzled him. Though once he’d gotten close enough to check her out and pat/stroke her, he quickly moved on to other things. And that’s mostly remained the attitude for the past 2 weeks. Now that she’s at home, Big Brother helpfully brings her a blanket or a bib, and get really concerned any time there’s a wailing fit. On the other hand, he tried to get into her crib once right on top of her, and – generally speaking – hasn’t quite discerned the huge gap in physical strength that separates them. The parents are being watchful.

Now Sophie is on maternity leave while I am going through a fairly busy stretch at work. We have a nanny coming in during the day to take care of Luca so Sophie can focus on looking after herself and Mia – this translates into a nonstop sequence of feed-change-sleep with Sophie trying to match her sleeping rhythm to that of Mia’s. The little girl is a quiet one. She sleeps a lot (as she should) but then her waking hours are fairly calm – just lies in her crib looking up at whatever catches her eye with that somewhat-blank newborn stare. Recently, she has discovered the nipple and has become a hard-core addict in just a couple of days. So we’re working on getting her to fall asleep without one when possible. It’s a colder winter than usual in Paris this year – daytime temps hovering around zero and snow on the ground – and that has limited outdoor-time for Mia, and by consequence, Sophie too. It’s Saturday evening as I type this. Sophie and Luca are downstairs in the park, while Mia is deep in sleep, and I’m hoping she’ll stay that way until Mommy returns.

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