Lost one shoe & trying to stand up

Wednesday, Sept 9

The little guy is a sweetheart these days.  Papa is out travelling and Mommy has been been letting him down left and right.  He’s been with his nanny from 8am till 8pm.  Tonight when I showed up, he was getting his dinner, which was not part of the original plan.  He should have gotten picked up by then but I was running way over. Luca 1 got his meal, and it was just tearing up Luca 2 to see his friend fill his belly and not be able to join the party.  So Christele just fed them both.

And he’s lost a shoe.  It’s not the first time that he’s taken it off, but this time it’s just gone.  He’d undo the velcro straps, then pull the shoe off and decide to drop it. Trying to grow shoe trees on the sidewalk is no easy thing….

We got back home and we played for a bit.  He started by trying to pull himself up.  He’d sit on the floor, put his hands on the coffee table, and try to pull himself up.  It’s not easy let me tell you.  With a bit of help he got to stand up, then would let himself fall back and try again.  And again.  And again.  He really wants his independence – this single-minded pursuit has been the theme of the past month.

Second game was to put all the plastic balls in a bowl, take them out  (give to mum or just throw on the floor), pick up all the balls again and put them back in the bowl.  Again.  And again.  And again.

Sounds crazy, but I’m having a lot of fun playing the same stupid game 20 times with him. 

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