June 8th Ambitious mommy tries to make Luca draw.

Happy birthday papa! Today, papa passed his written driving test. It’s allegedly the hardest driving test in the world, which test a bit your knowledge of the 200 road signs that no one has ever noticed but which mostly tries to get to the philosophy of driving and the essence of navigating a motored vehicle.

So luca and momy drove to Chatillon to pick him up after the test. I parked and got Luca out of the car, who looked at a 80-year-old man slowly making his way on the sidewalk. It was a touching defiance of the laws of physics. Luca starred at him with the pirceing and insistant look he takes when he meets someone for the first time

For papa’s birthday, we had tried to draw a picture that said “bravo papa. Luca”. But that never worked. I gave Luca a pen and tried to guide him on the sheet to write up. He just wouldn’t keep his hand in place so the pen was vertical. We literally got one stride of blue on the paper, no more. We’ll have to wait a bit till he understands that…

June 15th- the power of pointing

Luca has learned to point. It’s very cute to watch. He extends his hand slowly and sometimes sticks his index out. He points at everything without discrimination. Curtains, flowers, trees, people, or things I’m usually not sure what it is he’s pointing at. Which makes teaching him words a little tricky. Imagine. He’s pointing vaguely towards a side of the room. What should I say? Curtain? Sofa? Wall? Pillow? Toy? Plant? I typically pick one of these and hope it’s what he’s looking at. Otherwise, we’re going to have a bilingual, very confused little man.

June 16th A singer in the Sainte Chapelle

The Sainte Chapelle is was built by Saint Louis (13th century) to host Christ’s crown, a piece of the cross and other various relics from teh passion of Christ that he had acquired (at a price higher than the building of the chapelle itself…..). It’s a gorgeous gothic architecture with high ceilings and good acoustics for concerts. Luca figured that out pretty quickly. After the guard asked every body to remain silent itn the building, luca figured it was the perfect time to start “singing”. High pitch noises, random new sounds, the crowed was histerical. It think some tourists were ready to clap, and maybe give him some money for the performance… J

June 18th Trying to stand up straight

Luca’s pretty stable on his legs now. The difficulty is that his feet slide on the ground till he gets in a split position. And he wobbles a lot. But this is part of the learning process and he seems to enjoy the challenge. For 5 min.

June 20th: Luca explores a clothes store on his butt

I was trying up a few clothes in a small shop. Put Luca on the floor, changed into the shirt I was trying. It probably took me 30 seconds. When I looked around, Luca had made his way through the middle of the store with his hip moving technique. He sits and moves his hips forward. When the floor of the store is as slippery as this one was, it’s heaven for him! He went under a few hanging pants and started to pull them down. I had to grab my little explorer and bring him back under control 🙂

June 21th – The little explorer — with mommy’s help

When I picked up Luca today, he was in a great mood. He kept kicking his legs so I decided he wanted to walk. I stood him straight and for the first time he walked around the apartment, holding my hands. We started in the hall and headed to the kitchen. He walked straight to a door and tried to open it up. He gets frustrated because he needs his hand to open the door, but he also feels that he needs to hold my hand to remain stable. He might be the oldest, cautious child, he’s still a boy and often ends up deciding to open the door and hopes momy will somehow secure the stability. Then we headed to the living room, and he very decidedly walked up to the book shelf. Very determined, the little explorer. He picked up a few books, let them fall on the floor to pick another stack. This is only reinforcing the fact that we need to secure our electrical plugs and drawers very soon….

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