July 30th rolling right, rolling left

Luca figured out 2 weeks ago how to roll left and right, and he really picked up on this rolling thing – belly back, belly back. I even pick him up in bed in the morning and he’s on his belly. Now it’s become a game. I put him on the futon while Rohit and Kunal were playing their playstation. He rolled from one to the next. He now even seems to enjoys being on his stomach (for just a little bit, but still!).

July 29- Luca’s current rhythm

Wake up between 7-8pm. Luca sleeps straight through the night and has only woken up once, crying for some unknown reason since he was 6 months. He can wait in his bed till 8am about every other day, but rarely if he hears us move.

8am: 240ml of milk, play. he’s very active at this point and can play on his own for a while.

10am: walk around

11am: grumpy little child expresses the need to nap. When he doesn’t sleep, he still enjoys being put in bed for his quite time.

12pm: 180g veggies/carbs, 30g meat, 90g fruits. Go play

2pm: Nap for 1-2 hours

4pm 240ml milk bottle. Usually goes to play outside

Sometimes at 6-6:30pm he takes a 30-min power nap

7:30pm eat 200g veggies + carbs + 1 yogurt. Play, read a story

8:30pm bed time. Luca never cries to be put to bed and looks forward to his poule (stuffed animal) ….

July 28- Pushing my own stroller!

I am stunned at how much progress he’s made in stability and balance in the last 5 days.

This morning, Luca played on the unfolded futon with Rohit and Kunal. He had his own toys (though the gameboys and DS look so much more appealing) and was playing on the bed with them. I was walking around the apartment and he didn’t seem to care that I was not around. He’s like most kids – he finds other kids comforting, fascinating and fun. I’m not sure why – either he is fascinated by what they do, or he feels safe around people his size. He’d move towards Kunal and Rohit who love playing with Luca. Except at one point when Kunal was heartily complaining about all the noise luca makes (datadaaa, toootooto) which prevented him from focusing on his DS games… J

We spent the day walking around in paris. As we were in line for delicious falafels and sharwarmas, luca played on the paved pedestrian road. And he figured out how to grab his stroller and push it slowly and follow it step by step. We walked a good 5 meters that way, which took 10+ min given all the distractions along the way. But what a relief for Mommy’s back!

July 27 New friends. Not babysitters, right?

Payal arrived yesterday with Rohit (6) and Kunal (4). We are very excited about this vacation together. It comes right in the phase where Luca is grasping the external world – right now, there is momy/papa vs. the rest of the world. So new people, whether strangers in the elevator or friends at home, are first given a long, exploratory look from head to toe, and a longer eye exchange straight into the eye until Luca focuses on one part he stares at for a bit. He has no qualms about starring at people. Then, he might either smile to see if his communication has an impact, or put his finger in the other person’s mouth if within reach, or just stare. At this point, if he is in his stroller or in one of his parents’ arms, all is well and good. If I put him down, he brings down the house with screams of abandon.

So he’s still not comfortable with being handled by Payal, even though we clearly explained to him that if someone is hanging out in the apartment in pyjamas, they have to be friends (enemies aren’t allowed to sleep at home). Message hasn’t quite gone through yet.

July 26 Luca’s first cousin arrives!

Samaira was born this week (23nd?). If luca knew what this means, he’d be super excited – a girl cousin, almost his age to play with and tell stories soon. Oh, all the tricks they’re going to plan together, the corners of paris and new delhi they’ll explore, and likely the exchanges of emails they’ll have (give them 5 years?). What a wonderful piece of news. We’ve seen a few pictures and both parents seem very excited! We’re super psyched, and longing to meet the little cousin.

July 25 Counting on … 5 teeth.

Another one showed up yesterday on the bottom. That makes it 3 below, 2 above. One more will show up soon on the lower level, but for now Luca’s smile remains a little bit un-symmetrical.

Continued the “walking exercise” this morning and evening. We tried in the kitchen, pushing the stools. But man, this smooth floor makes the stool move way too fast for luca’s little feet. He’s a leaning pisa tower in no time. The smart (or lazy?) kid found a trick: instead of moving his feet forward towards his hand, he slowly moves his hands from the front of the stool to the back towards his feet, so he feels straighter and more stable (for just a bit).

We gave a warm welcome to Luca 1 this morning. These 2 boys just hug each other, poke each other till they laugh their heads off. Luca 1 takes Luca 2’s finger out of luca 2’s mouth and puts it in his own…. Mad.

July 24 First steps on my own

Here’s the deal:  place a box (like his toy box, empty) in front of Luca on the floor.  Comfortably set him up standing in front of it, both hands on the basket.  Now play the cheer leader  “go, luca, you’re a big boy, you’re doing great”.  The kid moans and groans a bit, but by and large he pushes the basket a bit (with the help of the belly sometimes), and moves his feet forward.   Push basket forward, move feet towards basket. 

It lasts about 50 cm.  

Last time we tried, the feet didn’t follow the basket.   So luca became of sort of pisa tower, joining his feet and the basket.  Like the pisa tower before it got fixed, gravity made luca lean more, the basket got pushed away further, but the feet stayed in place.   He ended up flat on the ground, not so happy.   Luckily, mommy got all this on camera to show papa when he returns J

July 23– What a cool penis

Luca loves his penis.  When I change his diaper now, I cant put the hydrating lotion anymore except on the butt — he puts his hand right on his penis and plays with it, cream or no cream.    It makes him very happy J

We also walked to our neighbours downstairs to apologize for the noise Luca makes in the morning and evening.  When I prepare breakfast or dinner, he happily hangs out with me in the kitchen and scratches the seats on the floor, bangs pots and pans, drops petits pots on the floor and anything else that’s fun.   So Luca and I went downstairs to make sure it’s not a problem for the neighbours.  Luca pulled he gorgeous smile and seduced the old lady.   She’s very nice – she had figured he had reached that age where he cant walk yet but wants to do a lot …

July 22- laughing out heads off

What an evening we had.  

I showed up at home and here was the scene.   Luca 1 was holding one of Luca 2’s teddy bears in one hand and punching it in the face with the other.  That made him laugh.  Luca 2 thought it was hilarious.   He got me to help him walk towards his friend, and tried to steal the bear.  Luca 1 was holding on tight and kept punching in the bear’s face.  Luca 2 was laughing so hard he could barely stand.  He tried again to steal the bear away but it didn’t work.  So he wrapped his arms around his friend and gave him a sort of hug.  At which point both were holding the bear and laughing into each other’s face.  They both pulled on the bear, but it didn’t really look like they wanted it.  They just wanted to play with it together.  Luca 1 gave up first, laughed and walked away. Luca 2 kept laughing but really wanted to get his friend back to play with him.  Which Luca 1 did — he came back and gave a good squeeze to Luca 2 and the bear.  Luca 2 laughed louder.  It went on for a few minutes….   Crazy children.  Christele and I looked mesmerized and couldn’t stop laughing ourselves.

After we recovered from this exciting hug-bear-punch-laugh moment, I decided to help Luca get on his fours.  I put him on the floor on his belly, which he used to hate.  He’s OK with it now, except that when he tries to get on all 4s, either his legs slip or his arms give in.   In a bout of generosity, Luca one got on his belly too, right next to his friend.  So the belly-on-the-floor position became much more tolerable.  We still haven’t cracked the getting on all 4s, but we’re working on it.  Just as long as mom or a friend are on all 4s too….

After Luca one left, we took a bath.   Luca two was in a great mood today.  He was all smile and laugh.  In the bath, he farted, which created bubbles and made him laugh to death.  Then somehow while playing with his belly he found his belly button, pressed in it which made him laugh more.  Press belly button, laugh.  Press belly button, laugh.  At some point, he missed the belly button and grabbed his penis.  He pulled, laughed.  Pulled, laugh.   Pulled his tiny balls, laughed.   I couldn’t stop laughing myself which I think just perpetuated the laugh cycle.

We had a great day.  Come back papa, the fun is at home!

July 15- that voice…

St malo’s church and Mont St Michel’s abbeys have fantastic acoustics. Luca tried them. It’s fascinating how he figures, the moment we walk in, that the space amplifies the volume. When we enter any of these touristic or religious sites built in stones, it takes him less than a few seconds to figure out that his voice will fill the space. So we entered the church in St Malo and he started to makes loud sounds which quickly turned into high pitch tatababaTATATATAAAAA. BaaaAAAA? Mont St michel, same thing. We had booked a guided tour through the abbey and had to take turns. Luca would quickly cover the voice of the tour guide who was feeling a little competitive and raised up his volume but to no avail. Luca would win every time so one of us would leave the room, until we’d move on to the next stop and rotate the baby duty. Cant visit monuments together anymore….

July 14: A dip in the ocean

We’re in St Malo for the weekend, visiting the fortified town and the Mont St Michel. Vauban who finished the fortification of the city and the monks/architects who build Mt St Michel forgot to plan for multitude of strollers that would once tour the sites. They built in too many stair cases, ups and downs in cobbled streets. True, they’ll respond that Ergo baby carriers, babybjorns and the likes have been perfected since the ages of children wrapped in fabric. But 11-months old kids probably didn’t weight 11.5kg back then… It’s back breaking to carry them all day long. We’ll forgive them given the beauty of the site.

Luca dipped in the channel and he loved it. We slowly walked on the beach to the water level and faced the 5-cm waves coming our way with lot of bravery. It was a bit cold (his feet were red within 10 min, but how much fun it was to brave the rough sea. Anand and I took turns to swim while the other one was helping Luca stand in the water, waist-high.

Then we built a little pool for him to play in. Despite repeated warning, he took him 2 min to grab a handful of sand and put it in his mouth. I haven’t tried sand for a while, but the few grains I’ve come across in my mache salad or on my tomatoes in windy beach picnics suggest it’s not the most appetizing ingredient. Anand and I managed to get most of the sand out of his mouth, but he chewed on the rest and coughed for a bit after that. He did not taste sand again afterwards — the learning process does seem to work (at least partially).

July 5th Hey, are you coming with me?

We were watching wimbledon’s final. Exciting game. Luca was playing next to us with his toys and with papa’s guitar. Then, he decided to leave the living room and head to his own bedroom. He hopped his way, as always in a sitting position moving his hips forward. It’s really hard to describe how he does it and it looks exhausting to do. He went towards his room and stopped to call us. He just wouldn’t go in his room unless we were around. It was very funny. The minute we showed up he would resume the exercise. “hop” forward, look back to check if mom or dad are around, and if yes continue the trajectory. He went around the living room, dining room, trough the hall and closed the loop exhausted back in the living room.

July 4th Going backwards!

We put Luca in his “trotteuse”, a little suspended seat that he can try to walk in (thanks Abigail!). He found out how to stand up in it instead of sitting, but cant seem to understand yet how to lean forward to bit so he can walk forward. So he stands and moves his arms around. And then, out of frustration maybe or just because he’s bored, he sits down and pushes on his legs…. Only backwards. Bye bye mommy….

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