A walk through Paris

May 8-12

It’s May 8th weekend, a celebration of the end of WWII. Foreigners ask why France celebrates the end of WWII, but I learned at school that we were victorious (with some help). No matter the fact that the French government had sided with the Germany 4 years before. We celebrate with whoever won in the end J

This is therefore a long weekend and we’ve decided to explore paris (‘decided’ is a bit of an exaggeration. We tried to head out to St Malo but we decided so late (the day prior) that the trains were full. So much for improvisation…)

We bundled up Luca in his stroller and off we went. Friday we explored the 14th. We took the metro down, walked through the 14th and up to the 5th arrondissement. Luca was fed in a “square” (swings and sand boxes on a little patch of cement boarded with trees and benches for seemingly bored parents). He was happy in his stroller, quite excited at the new landscapes he was discovering.

Saturday, we headed to the Foire de Paris, a set of exhibition halls with everything from handicraft to saunas or cosmetics. We, of course, picked the food and wine hall J. Luca didn’t quite like being inside as much. Or maybe he was just asking for an icecream?

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