Luca discovers cabinets

This morning I’m in a hurry – I want to shave and shower but Luca is already up before I can even get started. There’s no way to explain to a 9-month old why you want to shave and shower instead of playing with him, when he’s just woken up and is bouncing off the walls with energy. So I plopped him down by my feet, on the bathroom tiles so he could watch me shave while we ‘talked’.  This was working out well, except that it’s not the easiest thing in the world to get a shave and maintain eye contact with a baby sitting on the floor. So I gave him my travel kit to play with – bright-red and indestructible – and Luca latched on. I didn’t look back down again but from the running commentary of baby-sounds, all seemed to be well. Then I washed up and stepped out of the bathroom for just enough time to run over to his bedroom down the corridor and grab some stuff – like 30 seconds. But then all went suspiciously silent as I was pulling clothes out of his closet – I ran back and found this ….


Aaaah… the wonderful world of cabinets .. with doors positioned at ideal baby-height and filled with all kinds of goodies to explore. In this case Luca was elbow-deep in Mom’s provisions. He turned at the camera flash, and then gave me a delighted, can-you-believe-what-I-just-found smile. Then he banged hard with both hands on the door and it bounced back off the hinges and whacked him in the face. He was stunned for a bit, then got a crinkly i’m-about-to-cry look, then decided not to cry and instead whacked the door again. Same result. This time he lets out an angry yell – why the hell is the door hitting back? Trying to be helpful I move him to the kitchen and put him in front of the slide-out drawers. “Here you can pull these out and whack them, they’ll just slide back in” I said. He looked ecstatic and got to work. I’d barely looked away, packing his sack, when the kitchen explodes in a super-anguished, semi-choking cry. My heart is in my mouth as I look down – Luca has done exactly what you would expect a child to do – slammed the drawer shut with one hand while forgetting to take all the fingers of the other hand out of the way. Two chubby fingers are trapped. I rescue him and put him on my lap – but he’s pissed. Big, fat tears are rolling down his cheeks as he looks at me and complains. There is no damage to the finger so this seems mostly about anger and shock. A few minutes later all is well again and he’s trying to take his shoe off and chew on it.

Ain’t easy being a baby.

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