Cough Cough in wine country

Luca continues to roam the streets and parks of Paris, collecting only the finest of germs and microbes and then transmitting them to his parents. This time it’s a cough-n-cold special that tripped him up just as we were leaving for a 4-day weekend in the South of Burgundy (i.e. where ALL the really good Burgundy wine comes from). He kindly lent me his bugs the day we were heading out and Sophie went down a day later
The plan was to take along our road-bikes, plus this nifty new trailer we’ve got that you can put Luca into and then attach to the bike (sounds medieval but it’s really pretty luxe), and spend 4 days on long bike rides in the wine country. But his hacking cough put paid to that idea. Not that you could really tell that the kid was sick. He was super-chirpy and practically bouncing off the walls, all between coughing fits.
So after the doc had loaded us up with the right drugs, we changed plans to reduce driving and hotels – parking ourselves in Grancey and spending the long weekend biking around South Champagne (i.e. where all the really good sparkling wine comes from). Papa took inspiration from Luca, stopped whining about his cotton-wool head and we spent our time pedalling from village to village amidst rolling slopes covered in vines.
Not that Luca saw much of it. It was hot and his little trailer is like an armchair on wheels. The gentle rocking motion, the sun shade, plus the cool breeze on his face … the little guy was out cold about half of the time.
We would stop for some picnicking and he would wake up and eat and play and tell us long stories delivered in one of three "words" – "adha" (delivered with passion, like an exclamation), "dhadhadhadha …" (more like a long rambling sentence of varying length), "ghuh" (not sure if this is a word or he’s just working on sticking his tongue back in his throat). Then there’s an assortment of "heyyy!" like sounds that seem mostly targeted at getting our attention. Nothing like toiling up a long hillside in the summer heat with a nine-month old yelling at you from his comfy trailer.
But you know what – many hours of open country biking later, the little guy is almost fully healed up now. Hopefully Mom and Dad will get there too.
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