Month of April 08

I havent posted blogs for a while, but I’ve been keeping track. He’s the last month:

Saturday, May 1

Papa cut his finger with a knife today. So we went to the ER. While Luca and I were waiting in the ER waiting room, one of the patients waved goodbye at him. Luca smiled, looked at the guy, raised his arm and shook it a bit. For the rest of the day, he’s been alternating clapping his hands while I say "bravo", and waving hello and goobye.

Friday, April 30th

Today, Luca was able to stand up for the first time and he’s loving it. We put him in front of the coffee table, his forearms on the table, some distance between the feet so he’d be stable, and we watched. He was quite happy, trying to grab magazines on the table and sliding them towards him. He’s not super stable and his torso moves left, right, front and center over his feet. The bigger problem is that he things he’s superman – he believes he can stand on his own with no support. So at times, he raises his hands and tries to get something behind him for example, or the knob from the table drawers. He goes free style. That lasts about 1 second before he leans left, right, front or back and would fall if I didnt catch him. He doesnt crawl and shows no sign of trying to crawl. But when he sits on a wood floor, he’ll jerk his hips forward and moves that way. It’s very inefficient, but it uses up his energy and gets him closer to the objects he’d like to reach…

Thursday April 29th

Like all kids his age, Luca prefers to play with whatever I have in my hands, rather than his toys. Cooking utensils are high on his priority list, along with any electronic devices of course. Blackberry, remote control, a driving wheel he got from Anaheita and Arshish that blinks and talks. And paper. He wants to read the Economist. So every time he attacks one of the magazines, I get him one of his hard books instead. Dr Seuss books. They’re not real stories, more like words that a guy on Cocaine would have tagged up on a wall. But Luca loves them. I read him half a book every night before going to bed. But I have to say he’s been more into the ‘books’ than into the stories themselves so far. After about 4-5 pages of reading, he reaches out for the book… and eat it.

Wednesday, April 28th

Luca has figured out a few things to get attention.  He can clap his hands, he can lean his head toward his shoulder and smile, he can force a mini laugh.   All these things get him immediate attentionfrom the people around and he’s learning to use tham to get what he wants. It’s awesome to watch him play people like violon, including me…

Tuesday, april 27

Luca gets his regular petit pot at night and a yogurt or petit suisse. I also feed him water with a spoon (he can drink directly from the cup, but he spills most of it so I prefer to get it in a spoon).   As we were getting our 5 spoons of water in his mouth half way through the petit pot, Luca figured out that if he put his tong out and breathed out, the tong vibrates and the water is spilled out of the mouth.  Such a funny game…  He rehearsed several times, and it was so funny I couldnt teach him to stop.  I’ll have to be more disciplined tomorrow, but for today it was very cute.

Saturday, April 26

Grandpa Padi is very excited that Luca plays with big boys’ toys. So Padi gae Luca a hammer and a handfull of other dirty, heavy tools that Luca could play with while we were painting some wood synthes.


Friday, April 25

For the 1st time in my life, I drank my bottle on my own. I stretched my arms and grabbed the bottom on my bottle with my 2 hands, and pushed hard to make the bottle stay

Thursday, April 24

When I picked up Luca today, his sweater had some pink pen marks on. Upon further investigation, it turned out that Loukas 1 was given a pink pen, Luca 2 was given a blue pen. Then Christelle prepared some food and when she returned they had scribbled over each other’s face and clothes…. Lukas 1 had some blue stains on his sweater, Luca 2 was pinkish. It was funny (althoug they should not be holding pencils at their age….)

On the way back home, I was treating the stroller as a racing car or mountain bike, alternating accelerations and driving on just the 2 back wheels. He laughed and smiled, looked up to check me out and enjoys the ride. Roller coasters, here we come…

Then we came back home and I sat him on my chest. He was therefore looking at me straight in the eyes. I told him stories, he played with my nose and ears (and hair…). And I started to make faces showing him what a crying face was, and happy face, and angry face. And somehow angry face makes him laugh. I alternated angry faces and happy faces, telling him every time "this is an…. ANGRY face", "this is a … HAPPY face". That literally made him laugh for 6-7 min straight.

He calmed down, leaned his head to his right shoulder and smiled.


Tuesday, April 21st

Luca’s 2 teeth are now really showing. He looks like an old little granpa with just 2 teeth left, and it just cracks me up when he laughs and the teeth show up.

Monday, April 20th

About an hour after putting Luca to bed, I went to kiss him goodnight and check him out. For the second time now, I found him flipt 180 degrees. Not that he flipt on his stomach – he still hasn’t figured out how to do that – . But his head were where his toes had been when I put him in bed; I had no idea how he managed to do that. There’s not enough room for him to be in the width of the bed. I’m very curious to figure out how he did this, but I think he will keep his secret for a while…

Sunday, April 19th

Why go to bed when Great Aunt Marie Odile is willing to take me on a long walk outside in this beautiful weather? For the second day in a row, Luca refused to go to bed for his nap and negotiated out. Yesterday, he got to the Pont de Bois (wood bridge) before falling asleep, but today he passed out even before leaving Grancey….

We spent some time outside, him sitting on the grass and trying to cut grandpa’s grass. Moss, grass, it was almost clean after he left. I showed him a few flowers and grass sticks. He’d play with them a bit, and then try to eat them all. Of course.

Sunday, April 12

Luca has 2 teeth. Both of them on the lower level. One came through yesterday, the other one today. He also tried to eat a long chunk of the middle of a pineapple. He squirted first, but he quickly seemed to like it. 

Grandpa was a little worried that Luca would have forgotten during the night how to clap his hand. No such thing.  Luca is excited about his new discovery and he claps his hands as soon as he’d like some attention 🙂

Saturday, April 11

Luca slept at his grand parents’ place as we headed out for dinner with friends. When we picked him up in the morning to head out to Grancey, he had been practicing with his grandpa to clap his hands. Grandpa would say bravo, and Luca would smile and clap. I was bluffed…

Monday, April 5

We started again on food with chunks. Luca is learning that there’s no way out, so if he wants to eat (which he always wants to do), he’s got to chew. I showed him by opening my mouth several times as if I was chewing very impolitely. He started to do the same J So yes, he is chewing, but makes a lot of noise opening up his mouth every time…

Sunday, April 4

Luca is 8 months now, so I gave him new baby food with a few chunks. He didn’t like it much. The chunks seem to get in the way.  Well, kiddo, you and I are going to have to learn to eat non pureed food too.   

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