Sunday – an angel

Luca has been a wonderfully easy child today. He woke up at 6:45 (that’s 15 min later than his new rhythm), got his bottle, and we played for a bit.  This is my favorite part of the day.  Even when I’m exhausted, it’s very cool to be in the sofa, him laying down on me.  He drinks his bottle, and when it’s empty I put it straight up on his belly.  He grabs it with too hands and brings the nipple to his mouth.  He plays with it, chews and seems very chilled out.  I tell him stories, and then with one hand I grab his foot, I tickle him, and I make my hand jump on his leg all the way up.  When I get to the top of his thigh, he laughs, he’s very ticklish.  Then he anticipates I will go higher up and twists his belly sideways.  I tickle his belly.  And then he laughs out loud as I get to his nipple and the neck.  We resume, 10 times maybe, he waits till I get to the belly, completely chilled out, and he starts smiling and laughs by the time I get to his neck.  This is my best moment of the day.  He plays on his own for a bit, laying on me, moving his bottle around gently as if enjoying life.


As great a moment as it is, it’s still 7am and it’s the weekend.  So I put him back to bed and he woke me up at 9:30am.  Oh, I needed that long night.   Then we woke up and he played on his own still 10:45am.  He was starting to be impatient for more attention, so we headed out and went for a long run in the park.  He fell asleep at the very end, I woke him up when we were back at noon.   He ate like a champ, didn’t say anything when I stepped away for a few minutes to prepare his dessert.  He played for an hour on his own and at some point at looked at him, he smile, I laughed, and we went for a 10-min long I laugh, you laugh back, I laugh, you laugh back.  I would try to scare him and he just couldn’t stop laughing.  It was hilarious.  He got tired of laughing, took a nap, played again with me till 4pm.  It was food time again, he gulped down his bottle, we resumed playing and he took his second nap.  At 6:30pm we headed out for a walk and came back at 7:30pm for his bath, food and sleep time.  All of it with no haaaannn and complains.  It was a wonderfully easy day.

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