Red cheeks

For the past 5 months of Luca’s 7-month life, when he’s been grumpy people around him have said “oh, it’s his teeth”.  If he has diarrhea "its the teeth", if he has fever "it’s the teeth", if he’s drooling "it’s the teeth", if he has an ear infection "it’s the teeth", if his butt is redish "it’s the teeth", if he’s coughing "it’s the teeth"…   I wonder if when he scratches his feet it might be the teeth too.  


He’s been drooling liters of saliva since month 2 and it hasn’t stopped ever since.  He gets 2-3 changes of clothes a day sometimes because he drools all over himself.  It’s better now than a month ago, when he didn’t really know how to sit properly, would lean forward too much and drool, drool, drool.  Now that he’s mastered the sitting skills, the saliva at least partially stays in.


So our sometimes grumpy little has had fire-red cheeks for the past week.  The little thing is so hot that I feel sorry for him. I give him some medication, rub his gums with some gel (I love it because he tries to suck my finger and he sucks up my finger with force), and dance around till he feels better.  Sometimes he cries for a bit, but most often he just wants to be picked up.  Why is it that gums hurt less when he’s in mummy’s arms?  Beats me.

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