Reading the Economist

There was a bit of confusion today.   The nanny couldn’t come before late morning and I had to leave to work at 11:15am at the latest.  Luckily, Augusta who comes to take care of the apartment was here and carried Luca instead.  He was quite grumpy for had eaten breakfast at 6:30am (this is parental abuse.  I think amnesty international should start investigating abuses on parents rights to sleep).  His fire-red cheeks suggested that his teeth were aching.  So he just wanted to be picked up.  Augusta was delighted to take care of him for a bit and yearned to feed him before the nanny showed up.  When Christele arrived, Luca was already in bed.  Augusta had fed Luca the expected petit pot AND a full bottle of milk…  Luca apparently didn’t refuse any of this monstrous amount of food (that’s the calory equivalent of 2 meals for him).  Not surprisingly, the ogre was so tired after that he fell asleep for his nap in no time….

Today was also the first time Luca ‘read’ The Economist on his own, tearing downt eh magazine and hoping I’d look away so he could eat a few sheets too.   I think that’s where ‘digesting the news’ and ‘tearing down an argument’ come from.

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