Drinking like the big boys

We’ve been trying to make luca drink water for a while (although he’s half French, we’re keeping the wine for a little later).  He gets his 2 bottles a day but doesn’t show any interest in water during the day.  So we bought a special cup for him.  Didn’t work.  Tried another type;  Didn’t work either.  I invested in the 3-in-1 concept:  At first, it’s a cup which can be set up with a nipple on top. Then you can replace the nipple with a little stick of hard plastic that he can suck when he’s older.  And finally you get just the cup that he can drink from directly.  I dried the first 2 options of the cup and nothing worked.  So in the last few days, I have been feeding him water with a spoon in the middle of his meal.  The first spoon is a success, then he realizes it’s water and rejects the second spoon.  Game over.  Yesterday, his unknowledgeable grandma gave him water in a glass directly, and it worked. Since then, luca has enjoyed drinking water in a cup (to some extend).  I encourage him and smile when he drinks.  I carry the cup to his mouth till the water touches his lips, he drinks a sip, looks a me and laughs.  But today, he decided it was a game.  So he’d just put his lips close to the water and the minute they touched the water he’d pretend it was over, throw his head back, laugh, and resume…  

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