Luca found his twin

Sunday – Found my twin

Luca played with his “twin” for a while today.  He sat up in front of a mirror that covers one of our doors.  For the first few minutes he watched himself a little puzzled.   When he moved, the twin moved too.  Fascinating.  Then he talked to his twin.  And he tried to play with him.  Hed reach out with his hands, touch the mirror, and try to grasp the twins hand.  Im not sure how much he does or doesnt understand of the situation.  He laughed, he looked puzzled again.  It lasted for a while. Then he looked at me and started to complain.  That twin brother of his was not interactive enough.  He didnt talk and wouldnt reach out. He had no new toy.  So Luca complained till his mummy picked him us and we fired the twin.

Sunday – Luca is hot

I took Luca for a run in the park today.  I ran slowly for an hour.  The woods are deprived of any leaf, so its not the most beautiful time of the year. But it was a gorgeous Sunday and we were happy to be enjoying some fresh air.

I was hot running out in the sun.  Its hard enough to figure out how a baby feels.  But when Im jogging and obviously hot, I cant tell what he feels like.  Hot, cold?  Anand always says that if Im hot, then I decide Luca is hot.  If Im hungry, hes hungy.  If Im tired, hes tired.  The list goes on.   I was hot, so I opened up his bunny suit.

He fell asleep within 30 min and took his nap strolled around in the park.  Nice life.

Friday – Luca is against the metric system

Ive been testing my franco-american kid on measurement preference.   He clearly prefers the fucked-up American system.

We headed to the pediatrician tonight and he got weighed in kilos (9,7kg)  and measured in cm (71cm).  He clearly doesnt like it when I lay him down on the scale.  True, he lays completely naked on a metal plate thats not even his size.  So he complains.  Then at home, I game him a choice of a boring plastic container that I use to measure milliliters of liquid, and a set of 2 metal ¼, ½ and full cup.   He definitely prefers the latter set.  Bing, Bang, Bong.   He knocks them around  and gets to chew the plastic-covered handle.   Non-metric system wins, slam dunk (by the way, Im not even sure theres a term for the American equivalent of “metric”.  No name that encompasses all the random  measures like ounces, cups, pounds or inches, yards, and the incomprehensible relationship between them)

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