First day with my nanny

We think we’ve found a nanny for Luca.  It took me under 3 days of searching online data bases and calling various families with a nanny to share, families looking for another family with a nanny, and nannies themselves.    One interview, Anand and I were sold.   The match is quite surprising.  The nanny has a 9-month-old boy Lukas (!), himself a mix child between France and Cameroun.  Lukas’ mum speaks English and his dad speaks French. We made our decision mostly based on the 1 hour we spent with her.  It’s hard to judge from an interview, but her child seems very happy and well behaved, so we hope it’s a sign she’ll take good care of Luca.


So Luca showed up for his first half day, and he left exhausted. For this first time, we headed to the nanny’s place.  We showed up before noon and presented Lukas and Luca to each other.  It was so confusing to have Lukas and Luca that we renamed them Lukas 1 and Luca 2.  To Lukas, it’s probably as if a little brother had showed up out of nowhere, and who’s here to share his toys, his space and his mum. And his name. That can’t be the most pleasant experience. 


So Luca sat down on my lap first and started to play with Lukas’ toys.  They’re more advanced than his, they make noise, they flash, they get piled up and crash.  It’s a whole new world.  Then Luca watched Lukas eat his pure, his cheese and his banana. He seemed intrigued.  That’s a good sign, because we’re starting to diversify his food tomorrow. When Lukas was done, Christelle, the nanny, gave Luca his bottle.  He was happy and relaxed.  Until nap time.


Then came nap time.  Christelle had set up a second bed for Luca, who is going to share a room with Lukas.  We put them both down for their nap.  And they drove each other crazy for 40 minutes.  Luca started very unhappy.  He was tired, it was a new bed and there was noise around.  So he screamed.  Lukas 2 went to bed and did the same.  We left them in there for a while, Christelle tried to calm them down.  After 20 minutes, none of this was working out.  Both children were still crying.  So we each picked up our child and comforted him.  Luca couldn’t understand what was going on, and I felt sorry for him.  His cries were breaking my heart and I fought my tears. In the next 15 minutes, we made several attempts at putting one or the other in bed.   In the end, Luca fell asleep in Christelle’s arms. She put him in bed and did the same with Lukas.  30 min later, Lukas was done with his nap, called to be picked up, and woke up Luca in the process J 


I had before they were up, so Luca would learn that it’s OK if I’m not around, and that I do come back every evening.  I came back at 4pm.  He was up and had been playing in the relax (baby seat).  Christelle plays with both children and says Luca needs a fair amount of attention.  Lukas would love to play with his friend, but he doesn’t understand that Luca is younger and cant sit, stand up and play the same way.  He’d like to give him hugs, and when he’s close to Luca he tries to stand up by pushing up on Luca’s feet.  It’s very funny to watch and I enjoy watching the 2 of them getting to know each other.  Christelle does her best to protect Luca from his friend Lukas’ over enthusiastic willingness to play together.  I hope they have fun together. After a while, an exhausted Luca fell back asleep in his relax.  I could see it coming – each time his eyes blinked (they don’t blink often at this age), it would take longer to lift up the eye lid again.


We walked back home, picked up Anand and all 3 of us headed for a brief supermarket trip. Luca was happy to be carried around, comfortably settled by his daddy’s stomach.  He ate dinner and fell sound asleep.

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