New Year’s – luca’s first night out with a girl

New Year’s Eve started like a regular dinner at our place. I went to the market to get some ducks, scrambled to find rhubarb, fresh ginger and sage (which I never found), headed out to the baker for some freshly baked breads and to the wine shope for sweet wine to drink with foie gras. 


Since we’ve come back from Grancey, Luca has had a hard time hanging out on his own.  For 10 days there, every time he uttered a short “huu”, someone was around to pick him up and play with him. A cousin, a grandma, an uncle, a grandpa or an aunt.  There was no shortage of baby sitters.  Back home, life is very different.  Luca sees the same 2 faces day in and day out, AND those faces want some free time too.  So when he’s up, we put luca in his relax (baby seat) and pile toys in front of him. He used to play with them for about an hour before he’d want to be picked up. But now looks at his toys for 5 min, throws them around, and cries till someone picks him up.  Ah, it’s hard to learn to be independent…


So Luca and I spent the last day of 2008 trying to cook together.  I don’t want to have luca in the wrap while I’m cooking so it was a juggling exercise between rhubarb cutting and playing with Luca.  He loved empting the dishwasher with me and vaccuming the apartment.  I can only hope this passion for cleaning up the house will continue until he can be useful J  Luckily, Daddy came back from work to help a bit as Luca and I were not getting much done together. 


Our friends showed up, 5 couples total with 4 children.  2 young brothers (2 months and 3 years) went to sleep in our bedroom, and luca got to share his room with 17-month old Margo.  What a blast.  He was already sleeping when the girl sneaked in his room.  Her parents prepared her foldable bed, and we left them quiet.  But Margo probably didn’t like having a boy in her room, we’ll never know. She started to cry, loud enough to wake up Luca. He was surprised by the visit and screamed.  After 10 min, all the kids had woken each other up.  The parents went scramling around to get their kiddos back in order so we could celebrate the beginning of 2009.


I try to imagine how Luca felt when he woke up in 2009 at 9am.  The house smelled of rhubarby duck. His girlfriend was gone.  He may even have had a headache from having been woken up several times during the night.  Mum and Pops were snoring next door.  Welcome to 2009.

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