Late post from Xmas – exhausted Luca drinks his milk asleep

The traditional Xmas in the Aleton family goes as follow:  for 3 months, we email each other about menus. On the 24th, we go for a walk, head to church around 8pm, open gifts back home, savour a nice dinner.  On the 25th, everyone sleeps in, we eat a multinational brunch (for that matter, we consider Provence, Franche-Comté and Brittany independent countries), go for a long walk (4h min), sip tea by the fire place, slaughter a turkey for dinner.


Luca’s Xmas followed this schedule, though he opted out of some events. On the 24th, we went for a walk with him and wrapped some gifts.  The pagan child skipped church.  I don’t blame him.  It was feeding/sleeping time for him and the church was in sub-zero temperature.  He missed the gift unwrapping session.  In the morning, we showed him his gift, although he showed much more interest for the wrapping paper than the actual toys.  He joined us for brunch and we took him on the long walk.  He spent the first half napping in his stroller, pushed by various cousins. But after 2 hours he was fed up with being trapped in, so he finished the last 2 hours in the wrap, strapped to his papa.  He was facing away, watching the country side unroll at his feet.  His cheeks were reddish, and he seemed to love every bit of it.  He was so tired that he fell asleep for the last hour, long enough to get us back home for a 5pm feed. For the rest of the evening, little Luca was mostly zen.  He fell asleep on Mia’s lap, sitting in a comfortable pink seat by the fire place.  When came time for his last feed, he was still asleep and reddish.  I prepared his bottle and Mia fed him.  He did not even open an eye.  He opened his mouth with difficulty and sucked down the milk till his belly was full and Luca was ready to be carried upstairs for the night.

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