A typical day in Luca’s December life

         8 or 9am: Luca wakes up and makes noises till we pick him up.  He gulps down 270ml.  Then he gets a clean diaper, at which point he starts “singing”.  Every diaper change seems to be an occasion to celebrate his “butt out in the cold”. I put him back to bed and he always sings some more, makes high-pitch noises, talks to his toys and falls asleep

         10:30 or 11am:  wakes up, cry till we pick him up.

         Play time.  The first 30 min, he plays on his own.  Next 30 min he needs someone (me) to help him play with his toys, exercise and “work out”.  The last hour up, Luca plays or gets carried around.  He’s not very patient and complains easily, so we usually go for a short walk then.

         Noon or 1pm: Feeding time.  270ml again.  He’s a super burper, so we don’t spend much time waiting for air to come out.  He goes to bed for 1 ½ hour on good days

         The 3-7:30pm time slot is a mix of playing, complaining, walking outside in the stroller or in the wrap, sometimes sleeping.  It’s hard to get a rhythm, because when we go for a walk, he’s either excited by what he sees or he falls asleep immediately.  Every 2h30, he needs 30-60min of zzzz.  At 4pm he eats. His favorite moment is the 6pm walk in the humid, cold weather.  I guess it builds up his bacteria tolerance?  About every 4 days he gets a bath when we come back home.

         8pm: last bottle of the day, loading up to sleep

         8:30pm: bed time.  It might takes him 15 min to fall asleep but not much longer.  And for the past 6 weeks, he hasn’t woken up during the night.  Bliss J

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