Luca’s French baptism

Luca has had his French passport for a while.  At 4 weeks old, he was already equipped with his traveling documents, which will come handy if he wants to run away from his parents. The passport has information snippets to identify the person: 0,54m; a photo of Luca age 3 weeks; eye color: dark.  Very insightful.
But today, he got his real induction in the French society.  We were walking downtown Paris, when we came across a strike.  A real French strike, by the powerful CGT union, asking for more money (no surprise) for the retired personnel of one of the Parisian hospital (St Antoine). Luca totally bought into the "strike" concept.  He loved every bit of it:  the lights, the loudspeakers, the traffic jam it created on the street and the horns, the whistles, the slogans people screamed out, the trucks in the front and end of the demonstration, the colorful banners.  Vive la France
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