Luca super star

Luca lives the life of a hollywood star.
Star’s principle 1: Sleep long nights to have beautiful skin.  Luca is a good sleeper.  For the last 4 weeks, he’s been hitting the hay at 8:30pm sharp every night, then logging 11 to 12 hours straight.  He gets a bottle of milk and goes back to bed till 10am or so.  I think this officially puts him in the hibernating bear category. But today he beat all records  -he must be growing?. He slept from 8:30pm last night till 8:45am this morning straight, gulped 270ml of milk and went back to sleep till 11:30am.  And yes he does have a nice, soft ‘mediterranean olive’ (dixit Uncle Arvind) skin.
Star’s principle 2: Laugh loud. There are games that he likes, but it’s hard to say what works on a consistent basis.  Today, walking up the stairs wraped in the scarf and pretending I was letting him fall down at every floor seemed hilarious.  He’s definitely a bit ticklish too, right in the neck (though the neck is hard to find under layers of chin), or by the belly, or by the thighs.  He also burst out in laughter at his father’s fake hiccups.  Go figure.
Star’s principle 3: Shop, Shop, Shop.  Xmas season shopping rocks.  We walked down town Paris which is bustling with activity these days. Lights, people, car honks, flashing lights in stores, sparkling windows, songs.  Fascinating.  After an hour of walking, Luca was exhausted (and so was mum)…  In the store, he tried his hand at seducing the cashiers with his toothless smile.  ‘ahhh, euhhh’ are probably short for ‘no, I dont live with my parents anymore’.  People in the line sometimes give him the hollywood star treatment and push him straight to the front of the queue (never happened to me before I had Luca…)  To go pick up Luca’s photos from the shoot, we headed into the metro, where an impolite Luca stared at people straight in the eyes.  Not very discrete. As for all stars, I should get him a pair of large sunglasses. 
Star’s principle 4: Eat out. Baby bottle time came as we had already left home, so we ‘ate out’.  That means sit in the shopping mall, get the bottle out, mix the milk powder and gulp the mix down.  Paparazzis stop by and start talking to Luca.  Listen people, Luca does NOT talk, especially when he has some milk coming down the throat. He doesnt even care.  I think I have more to say than he does, but again he’s the star.  As if he didnt attract enough attention, he aslo burped loudly.  Pleaaase…
Star’s principle 5: Make your friends look ugly. That makes the star look that much better.  So Luca decided a long time ago that burping on Mum’s clothes was the best way to make himself look rather clean after all.  No matter how clean and perfumed I am in the morning, it only takes Luca a few minutes to make my sweater look patchy and make me smell of curdled milk.  So chic…
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