Daddy & Luca – Day 1


7am Sunday morning, Sophie was on a plane to Miami, off for a week of training, leaving a sleeping Luca stuck with his papa for the week. This was explained to Luca at 8am, when he woke up for his morning feed. It was hard to tell – as he sucked noisily at his bottle – if he had anything concrete to say on the subject.  A quarter of a liter of full-fat milk later, Luca was back in bed and asleep, allowing a thankful daddy to go back to bed for a lazy Sunday morning. Business as usual, we’re hoping.

Sophie comes back Friday and I have a busy work week ahead. So reinforcements a.k.a Grandma Joelle have been summoned to help hold the fort . I hope Grandma knew what she was signing up for. A 4-month old is like a black-hole for attention – no matter how much you put in, there’s always room for more.

Over the last two days, a growing pile of Luca-stuff has taken over Joelle’s place –  a baby-tent planted on the bed in the guest-bedroom; toys, clothes, bibs, bottles and spare diapers strewn all over the coffee table and part of the dining table; a gi-normous, SUV-sized pram parked in the living room, muddy wheels and all. This afternoon was spent adding to the mess. Luca was bundled up in a sweater and cap and tucked into his pram, along with a bagful of supplies and off we went to Vincennes – about a 40-min walk. It’s a brisk 4-5 degrees outside in the afternoons. But my kid brings down the roof if I come anywhere near him holding a sweater or a cap. I finally had to take him outside in his pram, sans-sweater, and then stuff him into his warm-gear out in the cold. This worked …after a fashion. But he refused to keep his hands inside the blanket. I would tuck them away with an admonishing stare. After a brief struggle, they would re-emerge, waving and triumphant. So then I put his little woollen gloves on him. This really confused poor Luca – who’d never seen a pair of gloves before. He would bring his hand up to his mouth, get a mouthful of rough wool, and then look at me with a really perplexed, semi-call-for-help, expression. But then he would get distracted by all the stuff around him and forget to be pissed.

Back home in the evening – Bath-time! Long conversations & lots of smiles . Normally he feeds and goes to bed quietly right after. Today, he was a bit cranky. Maybe Mommy not being around? I had to walk him around a bit and sing to him until he quietened down enough to be put down. I turned off the light in his room and sat down to type this. He said a few things to his bird – some long mournful phrases. And then fell fast asleep.

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