The hard life of young male toy eaters


Luca’s getting better at reaching out to his toys, but this hand-brain-eye coordination is still struggling.  If we bring a toy close to his hand, he’ll open it up and close it (hopefully AFTER the toy has been inserted in the palm). Sometimes a few fingers are still lagging behind or get rolled inside the hand.  But by and large he’s controlled the grabbing part.  If he’s been awake for under an hour, he may keep the toy for a up to 3-5 min.  If we are closer to bed time, then the grabbing requires too much energy and concentration, so Luca disposes of his toy in a matter of seconds either by releasing it from his hand, or by throwing it away with force (though it seems that the throwing away is NOT voluntary).

Once he’s tamed the toy and has gotten his hand to control it, he wants to eat it. Unfortunately, not all toys have the same shape so Luca is very confused.  He grabs his plastic wheel and wiggles it in front of his head until one of the balls gets in his mouth.  He’s happy.  Next toy is Sophie the Giraffe.  Luca typically underestimates the long neck, so the giraffe’s head ends up in his eye, then gets lowered  on to the cheek and in some joyful occasions gets sucked in the mouth.  Depending on what got in first, he’ll chew either the ears or the giraffe’s nose.  Next toy is yet a different shape, which Luca doesn’t comprehend.  So he brings it to the mouth as if it was still Sophie the giraffe and hits his own nose. If he’s handling the toy upside down, then nothing might get in his mouth and he looks either surprised or pissed. 

An even more difficult situation is when a toy is hanging in front of him.  That’s what we are now practicing every day.  He starts with his arms wide open and gets both fists to starts closing up on the toy in parallel motion.  Sometimes it works out.  When it does, the fists squeeze the toy and get it to the mouth (the hands don’t open up to grab the toy).  But most often, he misses because he joins his hands too close to the chest, so they end up between the mouth and the toy.  At that point, he decides it’s been too much work already and chooses… to suck the hand.

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