It’s not been long since Luca realized that he could open his hand – actually unclasp those tightly curled little fingers – and stick them into his mouth. In baby terms – this must be quite the evolutionary leap. No more gnawing at knuckles. Now a good chunk of playtime is spent with both hands stuck to his face, trying to stuff as many fingers as possible into his mouth. Often one hand knocks out the other or the fingers that didn’t make it into his mouth get stuck in his eyes. Or he leaves nasty scratches on his cheeks. But none of that’s stopping him.

Today, Daddy and son listened to some GnR together. Luca had to sit in his chair and listen to me singing & air-guitaring along with the entire Side B of Lies. He spent most of the show trying to suck on his fingers. But from time to time, he would crack a big, slobbery smile – like it was all coming together for him.

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