Saturday in musee Carnavalet

We headed out to one of our ‘Saturdays in Paris’, with Luca comfortably (or so we think) settled in the wrap.  We walked from Nation to the Carnavalet museum which is hosting a exhibition on ‘Paris au temps des Miserables’. Luca loves being taken on walks outside.  The grumpy child turned into a curious fox, watching cars, store fronts and people, listening to cars driving by, conversations and all.  By the time we reached the museum he fell fast asleep.  The exhibition is not very big, but we like to take our time. So when we got close to feeding time he walk up.  We set up the usual ordeal for weekends in Paris  – a feed on a bench (in the museam), and a change of diaper (on another bench, as the security guard let us change Luca’s butt on a bench in the entrance). These TGV-diaper changes are super fast, which we’re very proud of but Luca is not so happy  — he loves hanging out with his butt in the open.  We resumed the visit with an eyes-wide-open kiddo.  As we strolled the museum halls, Luca commented the paintings. ‘Aheuu’  ‘Hooo’, Ahooo’.  He looked at other visitors and seemed to give them explanations on the pictures.  They looked a little surprised and didnt quite know what to respond.  But that never seems to bother Luca.

Back home, it was play time again.   As we had spent the whole day outside, the tyke was much less grumpy in the evening.  So daddy played the shark who attacks Luca and eats his belly.  Luca smiles.  Second shark attack.  Luca laughs.  Third shark attack. Luca smiles and ‘aheuu’s his daddy.  After a few times, the game stops interesting him, just like that.   He stared at his wrist as if telling the hand ‘OK, get in my mouth.  Now’.  We played some music.  He struggled through the baby bottle, hesitating between continuing to feed and giving in to sleep.

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