Nov 19 – Working on thumb sucking


So Luca seems to be figuring out how to open his hand.

That means he can almost grab the toy himself (instead of having us prise his fingers open and wrap them around his toy). Then he whacks himself with it – everywhere but mostly on the forehead.

This has also meant that he’s figuring out how to put his fingers in his month (instead of just the knuckles).  So far, he hasn’t selected which fingers to put in.  So he tries them all and seems to have a slight preference for his second and third finger. Left or/and right hand will do.  Of course, he figured that out today, right as we were spending some time in the subway.  I think we can stop sterilizing his bottles soon enough.

He fell asleep at 8:30pm sharp.  We’re trying a new milk powder but I’m not sure he digests it well. Tastewise, he seems OK with novelty.  I explained to him he was lucky to have variety, so hopefully he understands it’s a treat.  He also didn’t wake up at 3am last night , but I forgot to tell him tonight to sleep straight till 5am again…

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