Nov 18 – Real Clothes Day


I am on the road this week so Sophie is playing solo parent all week. Here’s hoping it all works out. Today was "real" clothes day for Luca – a change from the monotony of 24/7 pyjamas and onto the kind of stuff little boys are supposed to wear. Only problem – Luca’s belly turns out to be too big to fit into his pants. The pant legs are long enough, but you can’t button them up around his waist. Our poor little fat boy.

He’s started this thing now of waking up at 3am and crying. Don’t know why. It’s not hunger. So Sophie has been waking up and walking over to his room to calm him in his bed. As with most news twists in the baby saga, it’s the same old question – do we try to console him or do we just let him figure it out on his own? For now, the approach is consolation.

His discovery of the day – pushing down on his feet and getting his butt in the air as he lies on his back. This results in a net lateral displacement of a few cms. Not exactly earth-shaking. But he is visibly excited at this new development, and it seems to tire him out – Both good things.

The requirement to have a daily trip outdoors stands – he spend atleast 2 hours a day outside, usually strapped into Mommy’s wrap and fast asleep. Something about being outside in the cold really clicks for him. Maybe we should just move his bed outside to the balcony.

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