Two weeks old

( Anand)

Luca turned two weeks old as of this past Sunday, a milestone, that for his parents, seems to have come up ridiculously quickly. Was it really only two weeks ago that we were a family of two?

So to celebrate the occasion, we returned to the spot of the crime, driving back to Grancey on Friday night and re-introducing Luca to the upstairs bedroom, which for me will always remain "the room where I learned that my wife was going into labor". Grancey was full – with vacationing uncles and aunts and cousins running to and fro. The place was a beehive of energy. There was much interest in meeting the newbie. The newbie for his part, didn’t seem to care about much more than food and sleep. Although, now that he’s started staying awake for 3-4 hours a day, he actually had a fair shot at getting a good look at everyone around him.

Saturday was spent mostly outdoors – either on long walks or just hanging out in the garden out back. All the fresh air seemed to have the same effect on him that it does on us – he slept deep and he ate well. On Sunday – to celebrate his two week anniversary – we took him to a concert in the village church. An organist and a soprano, playing a 2 hr selection of various pieces. Sophie and I – unsure about how a sleeping Luca would react to the music – installed ourselves in the far back of the church, with our escape routes all mapped out.

The organ burst into the first chords, and Luca didn’t as much as budge. This remained the case for the first twenty minutes or so, until the soprano came on. She had this gorgeous voice that really filled the church – to the point where we were looking at each other wondering if we should exit the church in advance of her hitting any high notes so we coudl save Luca’s eardrums. Then Luca sort of decided it for us by starting to come awake. This is usually a 15-20 minute process for him, in the course of which, he produces an array of snorts & squeaks – some of which are quite loud and none of which are musical. So we picked him up and exited the church before he could work himself up to full participation.

A half-hour of feeding later, we were back in the church, but installed this time in the doorway and still within hearing range of the music. Luca was wide awake and in my arms. The organ-only pieces seemed to lull him into a state of calm, but the singing was another story – eyes wide open, brow furrowed in concentration, he would stare intently at me for the entire duration of each piece. Maybe he thought that I was the one singing? Then when it all died down, we took him to meet the artists. But he was fast asleep. A tiring day for a 2-week old.

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