Day 10 – My grandparents are here…


So Luca met with his first set of grand parents today. They returned from vacation in Malaysia in the morning, jet-lagged but impatient to meet the newbie, and dropped by right before lunch.  Mamu was back today too, so it was basically a bit of a grandparent-fest. Grandpa had brought Champagne to celebrate the arrival of the little Troyen (“from Troyes”, the town where Luca was born).  It’s not quite kosher to be drinking champagne when you’re from Burgundy. Troyes is the capital of the Champagne region, but Grancey – the village I am from – is in Burgundy. The Champagne domain (with it’s premium pricing for bubbly wine) stops one village over and 4 km away from Grancey – a fact that has caused much jealousy and belly-aching in Grancey over the last 40 or so years.  So we drink our own bubbly – Cremant from Burgundy – and turn up our noses at a champagne bottle. Until a grand-child shows up that is, especially one born in Troyes.

We had started off the day after a long night of 3-4 hour feeding cycles – a wonderful night by our new standards.  And then Luca got his first Indian-style morning sun-bath – a practice shared by Indian grandmas and French pediatricians. So we stripped him down and laid him out for 10 min in the morning sun.  There he was – half-naked, totally chilled out and absolutely loving the sun warming his skin. Took him under a minute to doze off.

Once everybody got here, Luca continued his merry-go-round of the past days – going from arm to arm, getting as much attention as a Bollywood star in a chic hotel. It was just a wonderful day of hanging out with people dearest to us and who are becoming dear to him too. But then when evening rolled around and the party was over, he was left wailing for his parents to continue the VIP treatment. A hasty parental conference ensued and a decision was made to put all attempts to discipline on hold until he was +4 weeks old (technically he’s at -2 weeks now). So he’s getting it his way for now.

Ten days into parenthood, it’s fascinating how what was "a baby" has grown into being "our baby".  I swear, if they had exchanged him for another baby on day one, I’m not sure I would have known the difference (but for the brown testicles :)).  But now I’m starting to know the faces he makes, the noises that erupt from him at night, the smiles he cracks to himself after he’s been fed, the rhythm of his breath when he eats, the look of concentration he gets right before he’s about to unload in his diaper.  It’s a whole new world for a mommy.

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