Day 8,9 – Learning to be pampered


It’s been a very social two days for Luca.

Sunday, his uncle & aunt – Etienne & Mathilde – showed up for the day. Etienne and Mathilde are both doctors, and have this godawful schedule of graveyard shifts at the hospital, making this one of the rare occasions when a couple with a newborn meets another couple that has had even less sleep. They pulled in on the noon train from Montbeliard and showed up at the door just in time to meet a hungry Luca yelling for Mommy to show up.  Not the greatest timing, but what are you going to do – man’s got to eat when a man’s got to eat.

Post-feed, he spent a long time checking out Mathilde up close, and then fell asleep in her arms. Uncle Etienne was greeted with an alarmed yell. It was touch and go for a bit, but then Etienne kinda hung in there and Luca decided all must be cool and dropped back into a doze. Along the way, he was held by Mom and Dad and all this holding and hugging left him so uber-chilled-out that he even forgot to cry when we stripped him down and gave him his bath later. Normally the neighbors know exactly when his baths start and end. Not a whimper today.

Monday, my uncle Murali (i.e. Mamu) dropped by on a stopover. And Luca got another day of hanging out in someone’s arms. By late afternoon, he seemed to have decided that sleeping in someone’s arms was clearly the way to go. Who the hell needs a cold, impersonal mattress when you can just yell for a bit and get picked up and held? By evening, he was flat out refusing to be left by himself, forcing Daddy to carry a wailing Luca to his room and leave him there all alone. The little guy put up quite a fight though. And after five minutes or so of making mental lists of all the things that could be wrong with him, I gave up, picked him up and ate my dinner with him on my lap. The wailing of course ended the minute he was picked up. So, it seems too early for this – he is only 9 days old – but Sophie and I have this sneaking suspicion that we’re being scammed. Or maybe he was just a little colicky? He’s not telling. Incomplete information on the parental end is making the negotiation difficult.

Tomorrow is more socializing. The grandparents (Sophie’s parents) are back in town and Mamu is in town for another day as well. So without too much effort, Luca should be able to get through the whole day without ever laying a head on his own pillow.  But we’re watching you dude! We know where you’re going with this.

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