Day 7 – Visiting Paris

Well .. almost 1 week old. A week ago, at about this time, we were driving around looking for a hospital with a maternity ward. Looking at Luca now, it’s hard to believe that he’s technically still supposed to be in Mommy’s tummy. How did he ever fit? And how did he manage to find his thumb while in there?
Agenda for the day was to try a slighly longer excursion than our short grocery run yesterday – see how long Luca would let us meander around Paris on an unplanned itinerary like we used to. Stroller and improvised diaper bag in hand, we set out shortly after lunch, fully expecting to beat an emergency retreat back to the apartment to resolve some unforeseen crisis.
A walk from Nation – where we live – to the Bastille is about a 40 min walk each way. Reasonable for a first attempt. Like yesterday, Luca knocked out as soon as the stroller got moving. Then he pretty much stayed that way. The whole time! For all practical purposes, so long as we were moving, he was in dreamland.
So we strolled around for a couple hours, then stopped to feed him, then strolled around for a couple more hours, stopped to eat at a little restaurant (and feed him again), then did some more leftover grocery shopping, and came back home roughly 6 hours after we’d left. Which was pretty fantastic.
So, as long as we have a stroller and mom within hailing distance, we should be able to mostly do what we want? I’m guessing it’s going to get more complicated. But for now, this is going to be our negotiating position with Luca. We’ll see what he says.
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