Day 6

Well … the nipple strategy has traction. Armed with a little silicone nipple, I am almost as good as mommy (except for when it’s real hunger of course). But it is atleast possible to only wake up mommy for the real feeding and get past all the false alarms.
Though everything good comes at a price – the nipple keeps falling out, and Luca is a long way from being able to find it and put it back in. So there was a bit of a pattern – suck nipple, fall asleep, lose nipple, wake up, realize nipple is gone, panic, yell. At this point, I reach over – half-asleep – and bring about a happy reunion of nipple and owner. We got to do this about every hour or so. Happily, I can atleast fall back asleep in nanoseconds. But with the diaper changing and the feeding and all, let’s just say that parental energy levels were on the low side when the sun came up.
All that changed when Celine stopped by with her girls – a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old, both hyper-excited about meeting the new baby. Talk about bringing raw energy into the room. Luca was inspected closely, hugged multiple times, pictures were drawn to decorate his room and there was much shaking of toys and other attempts to entertain the newbie. Luca, for his part, was quickly overwhelmed by all the action, causing his parents to think that it might be a good idea to start exposing him to a lot more hustle-bustle. So later that day, we stuck him in the stroller and took him grocery shopping. We might as well have doped him. He was out cold the minute that stroller started moving – something about rattling along in a stroller must remind him of the home he left just 6 days ago
Now he’s fast asleep in his bassinet, sitting by my feet as I sit at the desk typing this. It’s past his feeding time but no sign of movement yet. Something about the spot – the hum of the computer maybe? – seems to be working for him.
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