Back in Paris


Today was a big day – Luca left the hospital, made the 2-hr drive to Paris mostly asleep, and is now installed in his apartment in Paris. Along the way, there was a first ever feeding in a parking lot. And a first ever diaper change in the front seat of the car. A lot of action for a 5-day old.

The upshot of being back in Paris is that tonight will be the first night that Sophie will get to offload some work. At the hospital,I was required to exit for the night and leave her holding the bag, while I got my 8 hrs. No more of that. I’m on duty tonight. Last night he kept his mom up most of the night with a mix of feeding signals and crying and general unhappiness. So we’ve been working on debugging the problem all day. There’s a random point in the evening/night, when he decides he really needs to suck on something or all hell breaks loose. For most of last night, it was his own hand (with Sophie patiently holding his arm in place and trying not to nod off). So tonight we’re armed to the teeth. We’ve got nipples of 4 different types, in silicon and latex, different shapes. One of them’s gotta do the trick. Bring it on baby!

Nipples are pretty high up on the agenda. To Luca, all people currently fall into one of two categories – those with breasts and those without. If you pick him up, he does this little surreptitious head-turn-mouth-open-semisuck to see if you’ve got boobs. There’s no hardcore discrimination here, but the boobless are definitely second-class citizens in his world. He’ll still hang out with you for a bit. But as soon as he’s in any real distress, you better grow some boobs and let him latch on. And latch on, he does – like a drowning man clutching the last floating log; as if the proferred breast would run away if he wasn’t holding on for dear life.

We’ll see if the rubber nipple works. And if I get some sleep.

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