Day 3

Day 3 (Sophie)
Luca’s turned into a super sleeper. And what a change for Anand and me.  He was fairly cranky yesterday and kept me up most of the night singing and dancing (yeh, parenthood does these funny things to me that I started to sing and waltz on Chostakovitch’s #2…  worked for about 15 min until he cried again). Then Anand took his turn in the afternoon at carrying his child in every possible position to see what would sooth his discomfort.  The "rat on the shoulder" won most successful position.  And then at 8pm last night, whatever bothered him till then vanished.  Now it’s hard to keep him up to eat. I got to sleep through a 1-hour and 2-hour and even a 3-hour cycle and felt like a million bucks at 6am this morning.  I’m either so sleep deprived I’m crazy, or hormones are doing their tricks (and they do quite a few in pregnancy).  Award for best trick so far to keep him up to eat is Anand’s semi-torture of dipping Luca’s foot in a glass of cold water…
Great-grandma’s paid her second visit already.  She carried Luca for a full nap cycle, forgot to eat her own meal and had that glare on her face that she had found heaven.  The new generation’s kicking in and she gets to carry a little bundle again.
We gave Luca his second bath. I think i’ll end up with a check list on the wall of all that needs to be done to take care of the little bundle (clean up every whole in sight, dry every hidden skin and all that stuff). One thing for sure: he hates laying naked on his towel before the bath (maybe a sign he wont be the best porn star ever?).  And when all clothes are taken out, he really looks like a shrimp: reddish colour, fairly wrinkled although he’s filling up with the days, skinny agitated legs.  Everyone’s been asking about his colour.  I love Arvind’s description that Luca is "mediterraneen pink". His grandma predicts he’ll be the colour of his testicles. They were scaringly blue when he was born, but have luckily turned to a more brownish colour.  So if grandma’s right he’ll be a mix of Anand and olive oil.
And then the day was filled with all the usual stuff that only parents find so cute and everyone else is bored reading about:  his cross-eyed look when he yawns, his crooked faces, the smiles he cracks (literally.  They come out of nowhere and they last than a second).
Till tomorrow,
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